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Live the Mucuyché experience with cenotes, caves and a beautiful hacienda

25 june 2018
4 min. de lectura

This former henequen hacienda located in Mucuyché (“dove tree”), in the south of the entity, shows its visitors the splendor of its partially restored buildings, but the most impressive thing is the cenotes it houses: the so-called Cenote Carlota, with a canal surrounded by vegetation; and the Cenote Azul, a cavern with stalactites still forming, two wonders that you can visit in Yucatan.


Take the road to Uxmal, travel approximately 57 kilometers, pass the Hacienda San Pedro Ochil and the next town is Abalá, follow the signs for Mucuyché until you reach the hacienda. An imposing stone arch will welcome you.

It has parking space, as well as dressing rooms, bathrooms, and lockers. Bring comfortable clothing, tennis shoes or sandals, a swimsuit, water and a lot of exploring attitude to enjoy your visit.

My eyes are still surprised by the architectural beauty and the place, so much so that while I took the guided tour I could perfectly imagine the time of henequen splendor and I understood why Carlota from Belgium was amazed by her visit to this hacienda.

Built in modules, you can see Arabic-style and French-style arches in the 11 hectares that remain and include the façade with 10 arches, the dining room, the stables, the chapel, the engine room (it is mandatory to return after swimming and taking many photos with the remains of machinery that show the great production capacity of the time) and the helmet. This hacienda was distinguished by being painted blue, unlike the others that are usually yellow or red.

Around 1865, Empress Carlota visited Yucatán and got to know this hacienda, then owned by Don Manuel José Peón and his wife, Doña Loreto. The hacienda had 5 thousand hectares, machinery producing henequen and large rooms ready to receive visitors. Carlota, like we all do today, descended the stairs that lead to the semi-open cenote, which today bears her name, and bathed in these crystalline waters.

She finishes the half-hour tour and it's time to cool off in the cenotes. Follow the instructions of the staff about the mandatory use of the vest and especially not touching the stalactites. They also provide you with a mask and snorkel so you can see the bottom, although the waters are really so crystal clear that you can see easily.


Carefully descend the stairs to reach Cenote Carlota, it has a depth of 5 to 7 meters, then you can advance through a channel that will leave you shocked by its walls of vegetation. Get ready for what's next, a cavern-like cenote with stalactites forming. It is called “Blue” because the light enters and illuminates this water space in a spectacular way. The ideal is to visit between 11 and 12 noon to appreciate this natural lighting.

After swimming, calmly visit the gardens and vegetation, there are many places that will serve as inspiration for impromptu photo sessions. Nearby is the Hacienda Ochil with a Yucatecan food restaurant. If you have the energy for more adventure, travel about 20 more kilometers until you reach Ticul, the shoemaking cradle of the entity. There you have another option to enjoy regional Yucatecan food at the restaurant “El Príncipe Tutul Xiú”.

Hacienda Mucuyché is preparing surprises soon, a large swimming pool and expanded visiting hours, be sure to follow them on social networks to find out everything that is being organized.

General Admission:
Adults $650 pesos
Children from 6 - 12 years old $390 pesos
Older adults with INAPAM $390 pesos
5 years and younger do not pay.


Entry to Yucatán (with identification): 4
Adults $450 pesos
Children from 6 - 12 years old $290 pesos
Older adults with INAPAM $290 pesos
5 years and younger do not pay.

Includes: historical tour of the hacienda, tour of the cenotes, vest and snorkeling equipment.

Parking, restaurant, pool area, picnic area, bathrooms, showers and changing tables, locker rental.

Tours every hour from 9 am to 2 pm. Closing is at 5 pm.

Reservations are required:

Mucuyché, Abalá.

Cel. 999 547 6087

FB: Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyche  



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Violeta H. Cantarell

Author: Violeta H. Cantarell

“Meridana,” traveler, animal lover, passionate reader, commentator, and enthusiastic promoter of the natural and human beauty of Yucatán.

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