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Corriendo con Lobas: An Innovative Theatrical Experience

19 january 2024
6 min. de lectura

Yucatán is rich in many ways, from the natural to the social, but most notably, it offers a broad cultural and historical tapestry. Exploring the history of Yucatán extends beyond Maya culture or mestizaje; our lands stand out as the starting point and nurturing ground for important historical events and social movements.




 Corriendo con lobas, muchachas bravasAn often overlooked and pivotal aspect of Yucatecan history is that of women and feminism in the state. Not much is talked about or recognized regarding how our state hosted México's First Feminist Congress; how four Yucatecan women were among the first to hold political positions in the country; or that the first magazine written and edited exclusively by women, Siempreviva, was founded on these lands.


To properly acknowledge and highlight these important events, several groups and associations have made an effort to spread and share them with the general public using various approaches, art being one of them. An excellent example of this is the theater group “Corriendo con Lobas” (Running with She-Wolves).


Corriendo con Lobas is an interdisciplinary performing arts company made up exclusively of women and gender-nonconforming individuals. Founded by Liliana Hernández Santibañez, a theater graduate, artist, workshop leader, researcher, and feminist, the group aims to produce shows, experiences, and artistic expressions with a feminist, sisterly, and political viewpoints, across various disciplines and in both public and private spaces.  


The project had its beginnings during the 2020 lockdown as a feminist club via Zoom, where different women gathered to share, discuss, and engage in feminist readings. But starting in 2021, with the first presentation of their performance “CAMINANTES. Hacia el Encuentro (WALKERS  Towards the Encounter),” the group began working on what would become a trilogy of theatrical works centered around the history of women in Yucatán from different angles.  



Primer congreso feminista by Corriendo con lobas The first of these pieces, the aforementioned “CAMINANTES. Hacia el Encuentro” has been performed at the Noche Blanca and the Mérida Fest, and it was created to honor the First Feminist Congress of México that took place in Yucatán. It comprises three simultaneous walks through the streets of Mérida’s Centro: the audience chooses which contingent to join, led by either a propaganda professor, a union worker, or a liberal writer.  


The walk begins at Parque de la Mejorada and concludes in front of the Teatro José Peón Contreras. During this experience, you can learn more about the organization of the congress, its participants, and the importance it had for both Yucatán and México.



The second performance, "BRAVAS MUCHACHAS (FIERCE YOUNG LADIES)", tells the story of four Yucatecan women who were pioneers in holding political positions in México: Elvia Carrillo Puerto, Raquel Dzib Cicero, Beatriz Peniche Barrera, and Rosa Torre González. The performance delves into the history of each woman and the challenges they encountered. The goal is to create a space where unity and interaction among women play crucial roles in the narrative.  


Both productions, "CAMINANTES” and “BRAVAS MUCHACHAS”, take place outdoors in public spaces and are suitable for a general audience. They have a duration of approximately 50-60 minutes and are usually free of charge.  



Igualada como tú by Corriendo con lobas The final part of the trilogy is “ IGUALADA COMO TÚ (HAUGHTY LIKE YOU),” a performative lecture in which the audience actively participates. Unlike its counterparts, this work is exclusively for women, especially those from municipalities outside of Mérida. In this lecture, the speaker (and group founder) Liliana reviews the history of women in Yucatán from 1870 to 1924 and engages in a dialogue where participants can share their own experiences.  


Art has the power to change the world, as it allows the creation of powerful political messages that resonate from within and help give a voice to what is often overlooked. It also enables the reclaiming of public spaces and honoring those who deserve recognition.   That is precisely what Corriendo con Lobas seeks: to acknowledge all those Yucatecan women who were (and still are) pillars of feminism in México, along with their stories and legacy.


This is done through theatrical experiences that offer a feminist, educational, historical, didactic, and above all, an interactive outlook. If you have the opportunity, don't miss any of the productions that the group has prepared with all their love, respect, and dedication. These shows will broaden your perspective and make you realize how in Yucatán, history never ends and is always being rewritten.  



FB: Corriendo con Lobas. Experiencia escénica 

IG: corriendocon.lobas 



Photography by Brenda Acametitla and Corriendo con Lobas for its use in Yucatán Today.

Carlos Guzmán

Author: Carlos Guzmán

I am a man of few words but with many ideas and emotions that I like to express through my writings. I am passionate about traveling and exploring the world, especially my beautiful and beloved México. These days, I am the content coordinator at Yucatán Today, and I enjoy promoting the best that the state has to offer.

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