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Yucatecan Trova to Enjoy: Los Juglares

12 may 2017
2 min. de lectura

Music is the protagonist of many stories, and even more so if we talk about Yucatecan trova, that genre typical of the region performed mainly on guitar and requinto. Los Juglares is an emblematic group that fills everyone who listens to them with joy. Great voices, a lot of charisma, the sound of strings and romanticism to the surface, are some elements that characterize this Yucatecan group with more than 20 years of artistic career.


José Marrufo, musical director, second voice and first guitar of the group; Fernando Vadillo, general director, requinto and fourth voice; José Vadillo, lead vocals and bassist; and César Marrufo, third voice and guitar, are the current members of Los Juglares, who make possible a very Yucatecan musical experience. Its origin was born from the fusion of the Los Ángeles trios made up of the brothers César and José Marrufo and Los Juglares composed of the brothers Fernando and José Vadillo.

Listening to them in some of their presentations and private concerts or when they perform at serenade nights in Santa Lucía Park is a delight. Their particular interpretation of Yucatecan trova, Cuban music, rock and roll and Mexican ranchera music, make them versatile, charismatic, emotional and fun exponents when interacting with the public with a very particular style.

Their perseverance and affection for the Yucatecan song, as well as their virtuosity and quality, have led them to perform with great success on national and international stages, representing Mexico in Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, Malaysia and the United States, performing classics created by masters of composition such as Luis Demetrio, Manuel Rivas, among others.

They have also worked with great figures of trova such as Pastor Cervera, Carlos Pereira, Estella Pompeyo, Sergio Esquivel and Armando Manzanero, whom they accompanied for five years during all his presentations in Mexico and other countries. They have had the opportunity to accompany great artists such as Carlos Cuevas, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Gualberto Castro, Tania Libertad, Eugenia León and more in numerous performances.

Thanks to their great versatility and musical charisma, they enjoy the preference of the Yucatecan public, and achieve success wherever they perform. Among its virtues is also bringing the best songs of the Yucatecan trova, the different traditional rhythms such as the bambuco, the clave and the Yucatecan bolero, to the new generations, both in its varied repertoire, and in the special concerts in which you can experience a musical tour of Yucatán.

When you listen to their interpretation of “A Yucatán”, an emblematic song dedicated to this land, you really get moved, since they transmit to you their love for music and Yucatecan songs. A very Yucatecan experience that you have to live!

Violeta H. Cantarell

Author: Violeta H. Cantarell

“Meridana,” traveler, animal lover, passionate reader, commentator, and enthusiastic promoter of the natural and human beauty of Yucatán.

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