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in Yucatán

09 december 2008
3 min. de lectura
Moto taxiHere in Yucatán, we are often reminded that the journey can be the destination. Whether you are driving down Paseo Montejo in Mérida, or driving down a country road past jungle and cornfields, getting there is half the fun!

 Mérida and Campeche are walking cities... old colonial cities that have been renovated to provide you with hours of walking adventure. When you get tired, you can choose from taxis, extensive bus systems or rental cars. All are readily available and easy to use.

Driving in Yucatán is easier than you might think. Main roads, such as the road between Mérida and Progreso, or Mérida and Cancún, are in excellent condition. Country roads are also pleasant, though often narrow and not recommended for nighttime travel. Mexican drivers don't always turn on their headlights at night, and many of the village residents walk the roads after their workday. So if you aren't used to driving in Mexico, don't take any chances after the sun goes down.


The bus system in Yucatán is extensive and can take you almost anywhere. The buses between the bigger cities are luxurious, air-conditioned and inexpensive, and are often the best way to travel long distances, as you can take your eyes off the road and enjoy the sights around you.


In the cities, be sure to keep your eyes out for the tourism police. They are a professional group specially trained by the Yucatecan Police Department to assist visitors, and can be identified by their blue and white uniforms in the major cities.


The regular city, state and federal police are there to protect you, and unless you do something dangerous or get into an accident, you probably won't have any dealings with them. If you are in an emergency, don't hesitate to call on them.


For auto emergencies, Mexico has the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) who will fix tires and other minor auto problems and get you on your way again.


Another way to get around is to hire a car and driver:



Cel. (999) 947 7599

Email: lawsonsyucatan@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lawsonsyucatanexcursions.com/



Tel: (999) 922 0565

Cel: (999) 163 8224

Email: info@yucatan-connection.com

Website: www.yucatan-connection.com


It is easy, safe and fun to travel here. Contact one of the many competent travel agencies here to help you make the most of your stay!

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