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SoHo Galleries

13 december 2022
2 min. de lectura

Now that SoHo Galleries has been open for some time, the consensus is clear: this gallery is unique. Their sales to date have exceeded expectations and the gallery is a real success. Prices of original art are accessible and affordable.


SoHo Galleries continues its promotion of local and international artists. In addition to work by local artist Carol Acereto, SoHo will be introducing recent works by two young artists, Viviana Hinajosa and Manuel Taure García, as well as a selection of works by Cuban artists.  Also included in the collective show will be photographs by Roberto Cárdenas Cabello, paintings by veteran artist Alfonso Durán Vázquez, and work by California artist Michele Maggiora.


"We are highlighting the work of six or seven artists, each with a unique style and approach to art," said Adele Aguirre, owner of SoHo Galleries. "Whether you are completing a design for your home, hotel or business, you will be sure to find just the right piece for your particular environment and your budget.  Works will range in price from 1000 pesos or less to 25,000 or more for large-scale originals."


SoHo Galleries
Calle 60 #400A x 43 y 41, Centro
Hours are Monday - Friday 10 am-1 pm and 2-5 pm; Saturday 10 am - 2 pm
Closed on Sunday
FB: Soho Galleries


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