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23 november 2008
4 min. de lectura
Mariscos - Sole MioHere in Yucatán, you can visit several towns on the coast, such as Celestún, Chelem, Progreso, Chicxulub, and Telchac Puerto, where you will not only find beautiful beaches but also restaurants that offer a great variety of fresh seafood, from starters like Ceviche and Cocktails, to exquisite specialties for all tastes and palates. If the beach is not on your agenda at some point, there are also great seafood restaurants in Mérida.
As locals, we have some recommendations for you so you can enjoy the best of our restaurants. If you are visiting Celestún, don't miss the restaurant called La Palapa which offers as a specialty fish filet stuffed with seafood. Definitely a must. If you are in Chelem, try X'tul, famous for ceviche and fried fish served by the sea. Also in Chelem is Yal-kaan in the Sian Ka'an hotel where you can enjoy the Seafood Fountain with a great variety of seafood such as lobster, shrimp, octopus, and conch with the house salad and dressing.
In Progreso, right in the heart of the Malecón, we recommend Viña del Mar and Crabster, both with great ocean views.  
If you are more on the east coast near Telchac Puerto, visit the Reef Club Hotel, famous for its wide variety of restaurants and huge palapa where they serve seafood and international cuisine.  
If you are in Mérida, stop by La Pigua, a restaurant with great tradition, known for having the best Campechan Cuisine. Try their coconut shrimp. Another well-known restaurant in the area is La Habichuela which offers something new all the time. We recommend the giant shrimp with mango sauce.  
Now you know where to go and what to order when you get there. Don't miss the seafood in Yucatán...it doesn't get any better than this!  
Here are some of the common translations for seafood and seafood preparation:
Jaiba – Crab
Almejas – Clams
Caracol – Conch
Langosta – Lobster
Chivitas – Snails
Camarón – Shrimp
Ostiones – Oysters
Calamar – Squid
Pulpo – Octopus
Mero – Grouper
Huachinango – Red Snapper
Pargo – Snapper
Robalo – Snook
Esmedregal – Medregal
Sierra – Mackerel
Jurel – Yellow Jack
Dorado – Dolphin (like Mahi Mahi)
Corvina – Corbina
Mojarra – Perch
Boquinete – Hog Fish
Pampano – Pampano
Cherna – Jewfish
Atún – Tuna
Coronado – Amber Jack
Petro – Wahoo
Sábalo – Tarpon
Cazón – Baby Shark
Tiburón – Shark
Rubia – Yellowtail
Ceviche – Fish marinated in lime juice with tomatoes, onions, and chiles
Pescado Frito – Fried Fish
Filete – Fillets
Empanizado – Breaded
Al mojo de ajo – In garlic
A la Veracruzana – Smothered in onion, tomato, and bell pepper
A la Crema – In a white cream sauce
Relleno – Stuffed
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