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Savor the freshness of the sea at Restaurante La Pigua

26 april 2024
4 min. de lectura

Yucatecan seafood is a hit among both tourists and locals, thanks to its unbeatable freshness and flavor. Each dish and every preparation is a celebration of the sea's flavors and an ode to the natural richness of Yucatán, enchanting those who have the privilege of tasting them. Amid all the places celebrating Yucatecan coastal cuisine, La Pigua has stood out for winning over even the most discerning taste buds since it opened its doors in the Yucatecan capital back in 1999.


From its humble beginnings, La Pigua has flourished alongside Mérida, expanding to satisfy the increasing appetite for its mouthwatering dishes. Among the most acclaimed dishes are Camarones al Coco (shrimp with a crispy shredded coconut coating), the Sir Francis Drake salad, the Pan de Cazón, and the unparalleled Piguas, a type of crustacean similar to a lobster or a giant shrimp. And let's not forget their fun menu names, adding a playful, nautical vibe to the dining experience, with categories like "Weigh anchor" for cocktails, "From Windward to Leeward" for appetizers, and "Boarders away" for shrimp and fish fillets.


2405 Botanas en La Pigua by Sara AlbaAt La Pigua, it's not just about the amazing food, but also about the warm service and inviting atmosphere. Every visit feels like a treat, where diners are welcomed with warmth and courtesy by a team constantly trained to offer the best. Their reputation, spread through happy customers, has been key to their success, earning them fans from all over, both nationally and internationally.


Dive into a sea of flavors while soaking in the laid-back and fresh atmosphere of La Pigua, while grooving to the soft bossa nova tunes in the background. For an extra sensory adventure, be sure to savor their Mezcalitas, a customer favorite boasting a variety of tropical flavors.


2405 Camarones en ensalada ceviche by sara alba
2405 Mesa con botanas de La Pigua by Sara Alba


With an offer that combines tradition and innovation, La Pigua has introduced new culinary proposals such as Pulpitos Toreados (octopus cooked in a traditional Mexican technique) and tuna Carnitas over Tuétano (marrow), without losing sight of the original recipes that have been the cornerstone of its menu. They also keep alive the family heritage by continuing to use the dessert recipe passed down by Francis's mother, with coconut cake being one of their most beloved creations by diners


This year, La Pigua Mérida celebrates 25 years of serving local people, as well as national and international tourists, always maintaining the same quality in all its dishes.

Looking ahead, La Pigua is setting sail on a new journey with exciting plans to open a branch in the northern part of the city. They'll be taking their culinary legacy and dedication to excellence to fresh new heights.

La Pigua is more than a restaurant; it is a culinary destination where people of all ages, backgrounds, and social strata converge. Whether you're an artist or a businessperson, there's a place for you at La Pigua's table, where you can savor the unmatched authenticity and flavors of their seafood cuisine. So, dive in and discover why La Pigua is a true gem in Mérida's culinary scene.


2405 Mezcal de La Pigua by Sara Alba


La Pigua
Avenida Cupules #505-A x 62
Tel. 999 920 3605 y 999 920 1126
WhatsApp: 999 129 1189
FB: Restaurante La Pigua Mérida
Sun. - Tue. 12 - 6 pm
Wed. - Sat. 12 - 10 pm


Photography by Sara Alba for its use in Yucatán Today.

Sara Alba

Author: Sara Alba

Panamanian with a Mexican accent since 2005. Editorial Assistant, a walking jukebox, and always lurking on social media, in the constant search of hidden gems to visit and share.

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