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Iconic Yucatecan Restaurants

23 june 2023
5 min. de lectura

In Yucatán, food takes center stage during celebrations, and many of these special moments happen at eateries that have been considered favorites by generations of locals and visitors. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic yucatecan restaurants you won’t want to miss on your next visit to Yucatán.




“Here we are” is the name of this restaurant which has been serving up tacos and tortas for over 30 years. Yucatecan and Mexican recipes make up most of their ample menu.


Try their house specialties: the famous Chili Buul, which is a twist on traditional Frijol con Puerco, a dish served in homes across Yucatán. Another favorite is their Torta de Castacán con Queso (pork crackling and cheese). Don’t miss the chance to try the Morcilla tacos (Yucatecan black pudding), scrambled egg with Xcatik chile, Chaya, Nopal, or green beans, or any of their 20 other fillings. Wash your tacos and tortas down with an ice-cold Chaya or pineapple Agua Fresca.   


This restaurant is perfect for a fabulous no-frills breakfast. Watch out, they run out of some of their items by noon, but you’ll get to taste some of the flavors that have won over the palates of Yucatecos. They have a few tables if you’d like to eat there, or you can get your order to go.  


Itzimná Tel. (999) 927 4160 Circuito Tel. (999) 938 0676 Chenkú Tel. (999) 317 9981 Mejorada Tel. (999) 291 9422 Open daily 8 am - 1 pm   



Doña Evelia’s Huevos Motuleños

We’re off to Motul, just over 30 minutes from Mérida to try scrumptious Huevos Motuleños.  


On the second floor of the city market, Doña Evelia is positively famous for making delicious Huevos Motuleños. You can get two or more eggs, over easy or sunny-side-up, it’s up to you, you’ll see that the flavor combination of beans and tomato sauce made fresh by Doña Evelia, the owner, brings the magic to each dish. They come served with habanero chile, fried plantains, and Pan Francés. Try a hot Café de Olla with this breakfast of champions.  


Try to get there early to score a table; service is quite swift and they’re accustomed to handling large parties. It’s the best way to start a road trip around the area.  


Mercado Municipal 20 de noviembre Calle 26-A S/N Centro, Motul Open daily 8 am - 12 pm



Cafetería Impala

Lunch or dinner with a view of Paseo de Montejo? Of course, you can! Cafetería Impala has one of the nicest views of Mérida’s most gorgeous avenue. This restaurant has been in service since 1958, you’ll see the striking 1950s automobile on its facade immediately, its Rock N’ Roll ambiance and decor are truly one of a kind.  


Choose a seat outside if you can and enjoy one of their classic Platillos Voladores (Flying Saucers, in Spanish). These sandwiches have all kinds of fillings: ham, cheese and mushrooms, cheddar and Longaniza, or try their Mexican sandwich with Oaxaca cheese. Then, have a coffee and a Flan Arlequín for dessert. Delicious flavors never go out of style.  


Paseo de Montejo #497 (Remate) Open daily 8:30 am - 10 pm    



Lonchería María Elena

Another breakfast of choice is tortas from Maria Elena. They’ve been in business for years now and are a staple in the city.  


A classic Yucatecan Pan Francés (inspired by the classic French baguette, hence its name) is cut in half and filled with Pimento ham, cheese, and jalapeño - a quick breakfast won’t want to miss. You can get their regular torta, or a double cheese and double pimento special, these tortas are best when served nice and hot, straight off the grill. They offer delivery and to-go services but don’t have tables for dine-in.  


Itzimná: Tel (999) 927 7662 and (999) 240 5737

Fco. de Montejo: (999) 953 5020 and (999) 240 5736

Macroplaza: (999) 317 0378 and (999) 305 7654

Cd. Caucel: (999) 518 4250 and (999) 260 0333

T1: (999) 828 4517 and (999) 154 8970

Open Mon. - Fri. 7 am - 2 pm, Sat. 7 am - 1 pm    



La Principal Ice Cream

Craving ice cream? Well, of course you are. This artisanal ice cream shop has been scooping up sweet treats for over 25 years and is one of Mérida’s favorite places for frozen dessert. They began by offering five natural fruit options, but now they have a menu that includes over 30 flavors, both traditional and gourmet.   


Meridanos hoping to beat the heat visit this shop often. Buy an individual cone or bowl, get a half-liter or full liter to share, or even hire them to cater an event. The most popular flavors include coconut, corn, soursop, strawberry, mango, melon, and chocolate. They also have a gourmet line with options like cappuccino, Queso de Bola (Edam cheese), Cream cheese and Blackberry, and more. Whichever flavor you choose, it’s going to be the perfect dessert!  


Calle 65 #533 x 66, Centro FB: Helados La Principal Open daily 10 am - 9:30 pm      

Violeta H. Cantarell

Author: Violeta H. Cantarell

“Meridana,” traveler, animal lover, passionate reader, commentator, and enthusiastic promoter of the natural and human beauty of Yucatán.

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