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Dzilam de Bravo

23 november 2022
2 min. de lectura

Dzilam de BravoDzilam de Bravo is the last port on the coastal highway that leaves Progreso, a 5o mile journey that is well worth it, especially after Telchac Puerto, as you will pass through the coconut fields of San Crisanto, the Chabihau bridges and the pink lagoons of Santa Clara.


This wonderful fishing port, like many others on the coast, also offers tourist services that are well worth knowing, some of which are unique to this area.  



Bravo's Dzilam Tours

There are many options and combinations to visit the natural spaces of this area and you can choose from the different packages offered by the cooperatives in the area:


Punta Arena is the farthest place on any tour, with a beach just for you.


El Cielito is a beautiful virgin beach where you can enjoy a good bath in the sea with flamingos and other types of species around you.


The Ojo de Agua Xbuya-Ha is a freshwater spring that emerges over the sea where you can bathe. It is the eye of water that produces more water per minute, it is almost impossible to swim through this eye of water. A very fun activity for the whole family. It is close to the beach and the water is shallow.


The Elepeten Cenote is a freshwater spring in which a journey through the mangroves is given to reach it, where you can also bathe and enjoy this spring.


Piedras de Chacaltún, is the perfect place to snorkel, the water is low because you are close to the beach and you can do it with children too. There is a beautiful variety of fish.


Trolling fishing, is a fishing tour that is done by boat near the seashore so that people can experience good fishing and at the end of the tour make a ceviche.


 Flamingos are a must for those who want to see these beautiful birds in their habitat, always with great respect. The best time to see the flamingos is early in the morning. Boat trips to visit the reserve offer an incredible view of hundreds of flamingos, herons, egrets, and a host of other waterfowl that breed here; also by the banks, one can see crocodiles.



Other tours

If you want, there are longer excursions that will take you to the Río Angosto lagoon or to visit the Bocas de Dzilam. You can also stay overnight camping in Las Bocas with a tent and a kayak for 2 included. The cooperatives also offer fishing trips in the port.  



Cooperatives in the area:

Tico's Tours

alexander massa

Cell and WhatsApp: 991 1162027



Tel. 991 912 2520


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