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Destino Mío Mayan Jungle Retreat by AKEN Soul: A retreat in the jungle

16 february 2024
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“A retreat in the Maya jungle,”

Proclaims the slogan of Destino Mío Mayan Jungle Retreat by AKEN Soul, paying homage to its privileged geographical location and what you will experience when you come to discover it. This place, surrounded by over 200 hectares of jungle, is located in what used to be the Santa Teresa hacienda, in the municipality of Tekit. A green oasis that offers its guests and visitors some of the most precious treasures of the Maya region: dense and diverse vegetation, clear skies, birds, cenotes, adventure, and tranquility. All of this is connected through a maze of carefully laid out paths and spaces designed in complete harmony with the nature of the place; each one embraces, pampers, and fills all your senses.

Feel the nature around you 

2311-El-Ojo-Destino-Mio-by-MKCTOne of these spaces is "El Ojo (the eye)," an impressive bamboo structure that rises 59 ft. from the ground and culminates in a 360-degree viewpoint. Destino Mío's "El Ojo" is an ideal place to observe and contemplate the things we often take for granted: the horizon, sunrise, sunset, and the immensity of the nighttime sky, dotted with millions of stars free from any light pollution and no sound but nature. And when it comes to contemplation, its holistic space "AKEN Spa & Wellness - Utópika" is a great place to keep it going: on the rocky crest of a cenote, you will discover a series of constructions that will make you feel on top of a mountain. Exclusively dedicated to relaxation, introspection, and reconnection, each space offers a wide variety of personalized well-being experiences, from a massage to immersion in one of their intention tubs.


Now, take a deep breath! Because this retreat also includes a journey to the depths through swimming in three of its cenotes, each of different nature and particular beauty. For example, Paul: a closed cenote, lit by the flashlight of the guide who will accompany you throughout these tours. It is this light that will show you one of the most beautiful and mysterious aspects of a cenote, in my opinion: stalactites and stalagmites everywhere.


Amazing facilities

If you seek absolute rest, recreation, and relaxation in a more private way, you can choose to stay in one of their comfortable suites with a terrace and a private pool. If you are traveling with more family or friends, you may be interested in staying at Casa Adolfo: the main house of what used to be the hacienda; a comfortable house with 3 rooms and a living room, dining room, kitchen, private pool, beautiful gardens, and terraces.


Or maybe you’d prefer to join those who want to try the glamping experience. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, they will all provide you with a different experience, plus the tranquility, and comfort we all desire.

2311-Destino-Mio-piscina-by-Horacio-CastilloAnd of course, your palate needs to be delighted as well. For that, there is Cocina Tamarindo: its restaurant and bar are perfect. Located at the foot of a recreational pool, they offer some delicious classics of international cuisine with touches of local cuisine and vegetarian options, accompanied by refreshing mixology and other beverages. And if you find cooking relaxing or simply want to give it a shot, you can book a cooking or cocktail-making class, or even take a tour of the garden and make your own salad.


All this is just a taste of what you will find, as their portfolio of activities and services is truly vast; so, relax, close your eyes, breathe, feel, and let Destino Mío invite you to make it your favorite destination.


Learn more

Destino Mío
97680 Tekit, Yucatán
WhatsApp: 999 996 7421
IG: destinomiobyaken
FB: Destino Mío Mayan Jungle Retreat by Aken Soul


Photography by MKCT and Horacio Castillo for its use in Yucatán Today.

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