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A Culinary Journey through Itzimná

03 february 2024
9 min. de lectura

The Itzimná neighborhood has already become a foodie destination, thanks to centuries of culinary tradition that lives in its streets and inhabitants, each bite telling a story. This neighborhood provides a glimpse into the heart of authentic Yucatecan cuisine, both traditional and contemporary—a must-stop for visitors who love good food.   

This ancient neighborhood is located north of Mérida’s Centro. In its origins, it was a small ceremonial center where the god Itzamná (also known as Zamná) was worshipped, and later, a small town on the outskirts of Mérida. Eventually, it was engulfed by urban growth and today is part of the list of the city's nine colonial neighborhoods.  


Besides its charming visuals, marked by a unique church and eclectic buildings, it is an excellent place to explore with your taste buds. As is tradition in Yucatán, you can find a delightful mix of the traditional and the modern, the foreign and the local. Check out the list below for suggestions on what to eat the next time you stroll along its beautiful streets lined with old mansions or Casonas, many of which now double as event venues.    


Lonchería María Elena ($)

The simplest menu on this list can be found at “La María Elena”, an iconic stop for the hundreds of workers who grab a sandwich to start their day. Here, you'll find ham and cheese sandwiches, but not just any ham and cheese: bologna (mortadella) and Daisy cheese. A straightforward yet delicious recipe. Pair it with potato chips and a beverage for the complete experience.


Av. Rómulo Rozo #487, Itzimná (half a block from Monumento a la Patria).
Mon. - Sat. 7 am - 2 pm
Tel. 999 927 7662
FB: Loncheria Ma. Elena-Itzimna


Cochinita y Lechón Parque Itzimná ($)

If you pass by Itzimná Park, on the corner of Calle 18 and 21, you will undoubtedly come across the most popular stall for Cochinita and Lechón in the area. Their specialty: tacos and sandwiches. It's essential to arrive early to ensure your preferred dish and to avoid long lines and waits.


Calle 18 x 21, Parque de Itzimná.
Every day 7 am - 12:30 pm


Lonchería La Pilarcita ($)

A small establishment on Rotary International Avenue is home to a traditional “Lonchería” (a neighborhood diner or eatery) in the area, where the most sought-after dishes include grilled and breaded meats, not forgetting the traditional Cochinita and Lechón, and others like Relleno Negro. All these dishes are available in both sandwich and taco presentations.


Av Rotary International x 21 y 21-A, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sun. 7 am - 1 pm


El Super Taco ($)

Don't be fooled by the name, as here they offer not only tacos, but also snacks such as sandwiches, Garnachas, empanadas, Burritas, and Polcanes with various fillings: grilled meat, breaded meat, Poc Chuc, Lechón, Longaniza (a type of sausage) with eggs, and pork leg. Pair it with a natural-flavored drink of your choice. They are located on Prolongación de Montejo, before Centro Cultural Dante.


Prol. Paseo de Montejo #19, Itzimná
Mon. - Sat. 7 am - 1 pm
Tel. 999 927 3324


Taquería X’buth’ik ($)

For over 30 years, this Taquería has been serving sandwiches and tacos with traditional fillings such as grilled meat, Queso Relleno, and Longaniza with eggs, depending on the day you visit. A great day to go is Friday, as they feature seafood options like breaded shrimp, octopus in its ink, and others. The place is small and may not be comfortable for large groups.


Calle 21 #112 x 28 y 24-A, Itzimná.
Mon. - Fri. 7 am - 3 pm
Saturdays, 7 am - 12 pm


Panificadora Montejo ($)

Panadería Montejo  Just behind Monumento a la Patria, you'll find a traditional Yucatecan bakery that has been a fixture in the local market since 1956. Their sweet and savory bread delights the entire public not only for its traditional flavor and quality but also for its affordable prices. If time allows, try to arrive by 6 pm to enjoy freshly baked bread. You can find traditional regional bread such as 'Pan Francés,' cheese balls, ham and cheese puff pastries, cakes, and Sandwichones, as well as traditional Mexican bread like Conchas, donuts, and more.


Av. Rómulo Rozo x Prol. Paseo de Montejo, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sat. 6:30 am - 8:30 pm
Sundays, 7 am - 8 pm
Tel. 999 927 2256
IG: pan_montejo
FB: Pan Montejo


Bologna ($$)

This is an Italian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere; for over a decade, it has been serving authentic dishes such as oven-baked pizzas, pasta, lasagna, soups, salads, carpaccios, steaks, and a decent selection of wines. It features a spacious air-conditioned indoor dining area and an outdoor terrace.


Calle 21 #117-A x 24 y 24-A, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sun. 1:30 pm - 12 am
Tel. 999 926 2505
IG: bologna_merida
FB: Restaurante Bologna


Caffe Latte Itzimná ($$)

Caffe Latte cafetería by Yucatán TodayThis small café, located in the heart of Itzimná, next to the park, has been offering a good variety of cold and hot coffee-based drinks and whole or ground coffee from different regions of the country since 1995.


Av. Rotary International #101 y 21, Itzimná.
Mar. - vie. 8 am - 7 pm
Sáb. 8 am - 3 pm
Tel. 999 927 0410
IG & FB: caffelatteitzimna


Luigis ($$)

Luigi's is an Italian pizza and sandwich restaurant with a diverse menu of dishes and drinks available for both dining in or delivery. While the service may not be swift, the food strikes a good balance between price and quality. The atmosphere on the terrace is particularly pleasant. If you’re hungry (or willing to share with someone else), a classic here is the Luigi’s Especial sandwich.


Calle 21 #102 Local B, x 22 y 20, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sun. 8 - 12 am
Tel. 999 927 3120
FB: Luigis Pizzas y Sandwiches Italianos


Wayané ($$)

An excellent representative of Yucatecan cuisine can be found at Wayané. Since its opening over 30 years ago, this taco and sandwich restaurant offers more than 20 different fillings to enjoy. You can find dishes such as Chilibul (a creation of their own), Castacán, Chaya with egg, grilled meat, Lomitos Entomados, blood sausage, liver, pork rinds in green sauce, and more.


Calle 15 x 18-A y 20, Itzimná.
Mon. - Fri. 7 am - 2:30 pm
Saturdays, 7 am - 1:30 pm
Sundays, 7 am - 1pm
Tel. 999 927 4160
FB: Wayan'e


Escargot ($$)

Panadería Escargot If you're looking for a French bakery, Escargot will delight you. They have all kinds of traditional French pastries, such as pain au chocolat, croissants, and baguettes. Additionally, they offer options more focused on the Yucatecan audience, like coconut and Nutella Caracoles, all while maintaining that French essence in their dough. Unlike their other branch in the Santiago neighborhood, this location does not serve drinks and breakfast.


Calle 18 #98-A x 21 y 19, Itzimná.
Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 6 pm
Saturdays, 8 am - 2 pm
IG: escargotpanaderiaartesanal
FB: Escargot Panaderia Artesanal


Clementina ($$$)

Clementina Platillo ItzimnáThis lovely restaurant, located in a renovated traditional Yucatecan house facing Itzimná Park, offers breakfast and brunch in a very pleasant and pet-friendly atmosphere. It has air-conditioned indoor seating as well as an outdoor terrace. On the menu, you can find Chilaquiles, breads, Molletes, eggs in various preparations, sandwiches, toasts, waffles, and more. For beverages, they offer coffee, juices, smoothies, and some cocktails. There is also a play area for children.


Calle 21 #100 x 20, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sun. 7:30 am - 2 pm
Tel. 999 331 2266
IG: Clementina_bistro
FB: Clementina Bistro


Eureka Cucina Italiana ($$$)

This restaurant, under the direction of Chef Fabrizio Di Stazio, offers high-quality authentic Italian cuisine, perfect for a special occasion with a partner or friends. The place is small, so it is recommended to make reservations in advance.


Av. Rotary Internacional #117 z 52, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sat. 1:30 - 10:30 pm
Sundays, 1 - 4 pm
Tel. 999 926 2694
IG: eurekamerida
FB: Eureka Cucina Italiana


Tacos Arcano Itzimna ItzimnáArcano ($$$)

Arcano is a contemporary restaurant and bar built in an old traditional house in Itzimná, which was preserved and used to create a space surrounded by nature. They offer cocktails and a unique atmosphere in the area. As for the food, you’ll find steak, seafood, and several gourmet dishes that blend traditional and exotic flavors. The venue includes an air-conditioned space and an outdoor terrace with music.


20 #104 x 21-A, Itzimná.
Mon. - Sat. 1 pm - 2 am
Sundays, 1 - 11 pm
Tel. 999 160 0877
IG: arcano.rest
FB: Arcano


Photography by Clementina and Arcano for use in Yucatán Today.

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Author: Gonzalo N. González

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