Are you a bread lover? If you answered YES, then this article is for you. Today we will tell you the story of one of our advertisers who is dedicated to making the bellies of all his customers happy. It doesn’t matter if you prefer sweet or savory pastries, at Escargot Panadería Francesa you will surely find something you won’t be able to resist.


Four years ago, Toño and Francisco decided to open their first location on Calle 58 in Centro, Mérida, and since that day in August 2013 we have seen Yucatecans and visitors alike fall in love with this place. But the beginning wasn’t easy. They came from the beautiful city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where the weather is nothing like in Mérida, and the preparation process for the dough was easier with the cooler temperatures. So as you can imagine, the trial period took time, but the result is completely delicious.


During these years, they opened another location in Colonia Itzimná, and the newest location, with a different approach, in January 2017. This new location is called Escargot Rústico, where besides having their regular amazing bread, you can enjoy an excellent breakfast, with coffee brought directly from Chiapas and a glass of fresh orange juice. What about some “Croque Madame” or “Chilaquiles” for tomorrow?


You will notice the dedication and consistency of the whole team in every product, whether you decide on a croissant, chocolate bread, or a baguette, you know they were baked with care. As a tip, one of the most popular pieces of bread is the Nutella and nut; you’ll just have to order it to know why so many people buy it. You will want more than one!


Besides the exquisite French bakery, where the star is the croissant, you will also find some classic Mexican baked goods, such as the fresh “conchas” baked in a wood oven, but of course with Escargot’s own touch. If you are a bread expert, which ingredient do you think is added to the “conchas?” We leave that for you as homework, so you can learn more when you visit this place. We are sure you will go back home with a happy belly, and a smile from ear to ear after meeting their incredible staff. Bon appetit!


Calle 68 #49 x 57 y 59, Barrio de Santiago, Centro
Calle 18 x 21 y 19, Colonia Itzimná
Calle 53 x 62 y 63, Centro
FB: Escargot Rústico
FB: Escargot Panadería Francesa


By Natalia Bejarano Calero


Photography by Natalia Bejarano Calero for use in Yucatán Today.


Published: September 29, 2017. Updated: September 9, 2022.

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