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Carnaval de Mérida

15 february 2023
5 min. de lectura

Are you ready for Carnaval de Mérida 2023? This very special edition of our Mérida Mardi Gras comes with an innovative concept that fuses the traditions of our Carnaval—parades, floats, shows, and, of course, the dance troupes—with a music festival. What’s the date? From February 15  through 22. Mark your calendar.


This is the first Carnaval in the world that combines a music festival with Carnaval, and, at the same time, it is the first music festival that includes a Carnaval. How about that? The theme for the 2023 Mérida Carnaval is “cultures and adventures, making the world a better place. There are fantastic stories that have been part of the human imagination that include worldviews, legends, tales of gods, mythologies, creatures and beasts, faraway lands, and extraordinary worlds whose existence humanity has created through our ancestors’ stories.


New attractions to this year’s Carnaval de Mérida include six new stages for music. Escenario Mérida (Mérida Stage) is a space for the latest artists, housing 40,000 people. There will also be Jardín Encantado (Whimsical Garden), a special place with a definite party ambiance: DJ’s, bands, fireworks, and happenings. If you like electronic music head to the Electric Party. Or, if you prefer a little bit of cumbia, salsa or merengue, head over to the Tropical Zone for nonstop dancing. If you are looking to relax with music from different countries, check out the Fiesta del Mundo (the Worldwide Party.)


You can also visit the different thematic pavilions that include: Carnaval Tsunami (cosplay and anime), Selfie Tour (interactive sets where you can generate content for social media), Adopta Carnaval (responsible adoption for cats, dogs and trees), and Chikiland (a children’s park with mechanical rides and inflatables.


Carnaval-de-Merida-2023-by-Comite-Permanente-del-Carnaval-IMG_0261  Carnaval-de-Merida-2023-by-Comite-Permanente-del-Carnaval-IMG_0499


The best shows are Carivana and La Gran Aventura (The Great Adventure). The first show features over 40 artists on stage, a live orchestra, and dancers, plus appearances by the King and Queen of Carnaval! On the other hand is the Grand Adventure, a musical show for younger children in a pirate setting, with appearances from the children and youth Kings and Queens of Carnaval.     


Carnaval de Mérida

Carnaval City

Once again, Carnaval City will open its door for this massive event. This is where you will find all the necessary services for your comfort and enjoyment: bathrooms, security, parking, open spaces, food courts, stages for concerts and shows, and stands and booths for shopping.  


Access to all the shows, concerts, pavilions, and parking is completely free. On top of this, our Carnaval is known for being the safest in the country and one of the most important in all of México.   


Who are the different Kings and Queens of Carnaval de Mérida 2023?

  • María Jesús Cabrera Tuyín and Víctor Manuel Chan Pérez - Seniors  
  • Renata Fernanda Arcila Morales and Ezequiel Alejandro Pacheco Baas - Infantile 
  • Salette Isolina Ayala Pérez and Christopher Hiram Osorno Díaz - Juvenile
  • Angélica Guadalupe Rizos Puerto and Iván Isaías Sánchez Zavala - Intelectual Disability
  • Jaylu Guadalupe Villabeytia Cen and Lizandro Jesús Bastos Estrella - Motor Disability 
  • Shannon Santana Harris Nic and Eddier Miguel Rivero Herrera – Mérida Carnaval 2023

Calendar of Events

Feb. 4 – Coronation of the Kings and Queens for the Senior Citizens, Mental Disability and Motor Disability groups / Concert by Margarita, la Diosa de la Cumbia

Feb. 5 – Coronation of the children and youth Kings and Queens

Feb. 9 – Children dance troupe contest

Feb. 10 – Contest of Regional Allegories 

Feb. 11 – Coronation of the King and Queen of Mérida Carnaval / Gloria Trevi concert 

Feb. 12 – General dance troupe contest F

eb. 15 – Burning of bad mood – Municipal Palace Main Square / Sonora Dinamita concert

Feb. 16 – Children’s Parade – Main Square to Santa Lucia Park

Feb. 17 -  Corso Friday Parade – Carnaval City / Electric Carnaval Night

Feb. 18 -  Fantasy Saturday Parade – Carnaval City / Reggaeton Fest

Feb. 19 -  Bachata Sunday Parade – Carnaval City / Music Festival with Belinda, Joss Favela, and Karol Sevilla 

Feb. 20 – Monday Regional Parade – Carnaval City 

Feb. 21 – Mardi Gras Parade – Carnaval City / Music Festival with Edén Muñoz, Grupo Cañaveral, and The Super Lamas 

Feb. 22 – Juan Carnaval’s Funeral – Municipal Palace Main Square  


Check the complete program at www.merida.gob.mx/carnaval and follow us on social media: Carnaval de Mérida (Facebook, Instagram y TikTok).

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