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Mérida's Carnaval 2024

16 january 2024
3 min. de lectura

Despite having over 400 years of history, Carnaval is a celebration in constant evolution, always remaining part of the identity, customs, and traditions of Mérida.  


The theme of Mérida's Carnaval 2024 will be "Re-evolution: From Fantasy to Innovation," celebrating the first 10 years of Ciudad Carnaval.


This venue, on the city’s outskirts, represents a different way to experience our festival, revolutionizing how we enjoy and promote it, through innovative attractions, and a wider entertainment offer to establish our Carnaval as one of the best in México and the world.  


But the best is yet to come, and this year we are gearing up for the largest edition in history. For reference, the 2023 Mérida Carnaval broke previous attendance records, as 1,150,000 people gathered to enjoy it, as follows:


  • 950,000 in events at Pabellón Carnaval and Ciudad Carnaval
  • 200,000 in Espíritu Carnavalero events
  • 1,288 artists on stage
  • 135 activities held from September 2022 to February 2023


We are the world's first carnival to integrate a music festival and the first music festival to be part of a carnival. With six music stages activated simultaneously for internationally renowned artists spanning various musical genres. All concerts and activities at Ciudad Carnaval are entirely free, including admission and parking.   


All concerts have special areas for people with disabilities, seniors, and Mujer Segura (a government program that aims to bring safe spaces for women). We are convinced that in 2024, we will experience the best Carnaval in the history of Mérida!  



2024 Event program:

Saturday, January 27, Pabellón Carnaval

Coronation of Senior Kings, kings with motor disabilities, and kings with intellectual disabilities Muziek Gran Band and guests (Caló, GB5, Peewee, and Lalo Gameros from Caballo Dorado)  


Sunday, January 28, Pabellón Carnaval

Coronation of Children and Youth Kings  


Tuesday, January 30, Pabellón Carnaval

Cosplay Contest  


Wednesday, January 31, Pabellón Carnaval

Regional Allegory Contest  


Thursday, February 1, Pabellón Carnaval

Radio Day  


Sunday, February 2, Pabellón Carnaval

Children's Parade Contest  


Saturday, February 3, Pabellón Carnaval

Coronation of the Carnaval Kings of Mérida 2024 La Arrolladora Banda El Limón  


Sunday, February 4, Pabellón Carnaval

General Parade Contest  


Wednesday, February 7, Palacio Municipal

Merenglass, Burning of Bad Mood  


Thursday, February 8, Palacio Municipal

Children's Parade  


Friday, February 9, Ciudad Carnaval

Corso Parade  


Saturday, February 10, Ciudad Carnaval

Matute on Escenario Mérida Fantasy Parade  


Sunday, February 11, Ciudad Carnaval

Ha*Ash on Escenario Mérida Bachata Parade  


Monday, February 12, Ciudad Carnaval

Regional Parade  


Tuesday, February 13, Ciudad Carnaval

Nicky Jam on Escenario Mérida Battle of the Flowers Parade  


Wednesday, February 14, Mérida's Centro
Burial of Juan Carnaval
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