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Coraletta: An Exclusive Oasis to Enjoy the Coastal Paradise in Telchac

23 may 2023
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Grupo GEA, a prominent company specialized in real estate business, recently inaugurated Coraletta Wave House, an exclusive private beach club located on the Telchac Puerto - San Crisanto highway, promising to provide its clients with a luxury-enriched experience in every detail, with the clear waters of Telchac as a backdrop.  


Since its establishment in 2016, Grupo GEA has worked on ambitious projects. They began their journey by selling rustic lands, and over time ventured into the residential and commercial sector, offering their clients the quality of life they had always dreamed of. Their main focus is on the outskirts of Mérida, specifically on the Mérida-Chicxulub highway and the Telchac highway, where they have built a solid reputation and found a prosperous market.  


A New Chapter: Gran Telchac

Currently, Grupo GEA is proud to promote its third project, Gran Telchac, following the success of previous projects such as Punta Pelícano, residential lots with access to the beach. While vacation lots are their current focus, Grupo GEA has a broader vision: to offer its clients a versatile and exciting lifestyle through a portfolio of amenities.  


Exclusive Amenities for Investors

Recognizing that their clients seek exceptional experiences beyond vacation lots, Grupo GEA has embarked on creating a portfolio of exclusive amenities. At the pinnacle of this portfolio is Coraletta, the brand's first beach club, designed to provide its members with a family and business-friendly environment amidst the natural beauty of Telchac.  



With design that seamlessly integrates with the local vegetation, and blends perfectly with nature, Coraletta reveals itself as an authentic coastal oasis. Everyone who has invested in any of Grupo GEA's projects has free access to Coraletta, which offers top-notch services that guarantee an unforgettable experience. These include a cozy snack bar to enjoy delicious treats, a relaxing swimming pool to cool off under the sun, a nautical equipment warehouse where sea lovers can reserve equipment for various water sports, sunset film screenings, and group fitness classes, such as yoga.  


The inauguration of Coraletta took place on May 6th, and was attended by various important figures for the brand, including Grupo GEA's CEO, Jorge David Carrillo Díaz, and the founding partners, José and Ricardo Martínez Peón. Throughout the evening, clients, friends, and family had the opportunity to explore the beautiful facilities of the beach club in an atmosphere filled with music, delicious dishes, cocktails, and fireworks by the sea.  



Coraletta is just the beginning of Grupo GEA's commitment to offering unique experiences to its clients. Casa Pontthó Jungle Amenities, a clubhouse located on the road to Chicxulub Puerto and featuring family spaces, will be the next project from Grupo GEA's portfolio of exclusive amenities to be promoted. In addition to this service, Grupo GEA promises to bring several more surprises that will surely impress all those who have placed their trust in the brand.  


Grupo GEA promises to continue redefining the experience of living and enjoying the coastal paradise of Yucatán, offering its clients a world filled with luxury, top-notch services, amenities, and unforgettable moments. If you are in search of a place where your wishes come true and where you can have the confidence of having made an intelligent investment, Grupo GEA is the real estate developer for you.  


Carretera Telchac Puerto - San Crisanto, Telchac Puerto
Tel. 999 358 2317  


Grupo GEA
Calle 7B #361e x 20 y 22, Santa Gertrudis Copo, Mérida
Calle 10 #211, Residencial Col Mexico, Mérida
Tel. 999 9444 1757
IG: @grupo_gea
FB: Grupo GEA     


Photography by Renée Morales, and GRUPO GEA for use in Yucatán Today.


Sponsored article by Grupo GEA.  

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