When Mérida was founded in 1542, what we now know as Parque Santa Lucía, at the corner of Calle 60 x 55 in the Centro Histórico, was a large virgin land on the outskirts of downtown Mérida. The church of Santa Lucía, built in 1565, is one of the first churches built in Mérida. This church was built for the use of the slaves who had been brought from Africa and who lived in the surrounding area.

The first cemetery of Mérida was in the atrium of the church, for the Spanish commoners (the tombs were not removed!) Horses and carts were kept where the arches of the park are now. At the beginning of the 19th century, the governor and mayor of the time decided to transform the area because the city had grown, and they converted it into Parque Santa Lucía. Since 1965 it has been known for the Serenata every Thursday night at 9 pm, with Yucatecan music and dance. There is an open-air market every Sunday from 10 am-3 pm, another very popular event. Also on Sundays, Calle 60 is closed to traffic for the Bici-Ruta from 8 am – 12.30 pm.

In 2012 the Gene family, owners of the porticos, began a renovation of the abandoned space adjacent to the arches. In 2013 the Plaza Santa Lucía was inaugurated, with irresistible stores and restaurants. On this map you can find the businesses located in the plaza and on the adjacent streets. Your stay in Mérida wouldn’t be complete without one or two visits to this park and plaza, to taste the delicious food, rest under the giant trees, listen to the music, and browse the seductive shops!

– Santa Lucía Park

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