This month of February marks an iconic annual event in our city: Carnaval de Mérida in the Plaza Carnaval in Xmatkuil, and as always it promises to be filled with joy, magic, and fun for everyone.

The party happens at Plaza Carnaval, with the colorful costumes, floats, invited artists, concerts, music, and more.

Mérida’s Carnaval takes place from February 7 to 14. It starts with the Burning of the Bad Mood, and is followed by the Children’s Parade, Corso Friday, Fantasy Saturday, Bachata Sunday, Regional Monday, Tuesday Battle of the Flowers, and closing with the Burial of Juan Carnaval.

Everyone is invited to this big celebration where there will be plenty of fun, and it’s a safe family event. There will be free transportation from various points of the city, plus the entrance fee and parking are for free.

The “Comité Permanente del Carnaval” invites you to Plaza Carnaval, with your friends and family, and together form part of this great amazing party.

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