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The Chill Life in Trópico 56

08 february 2024
4 min. de lectura

Right at the end of the Paseo de Montejo, in the “Remate”, there is a door that just seems to say “come on in.” Crossing this door will transport you into an oasis, a true reflection of its name: Trópico 56.  


It’s been one year since the doors on this iconic corner of Mérida opened. Am I the only person who for a long time dreamed of seeing what was on the other side of this door? Trópico 56 is a restaurant bar where you can spend hours upon hours in a relaxed setting making you feel you are miles away from the agitated life of the city…when actually you are right in the heart of the all hubbub. You will feel the sense of community between the fantastic staff, (the heart and soul of Trópico 56), and the many visitors.   



The tropical in Trópico 56

To tell the truth, Trópico 56 is a far cry from any other regular bar or restaurant that I have visited. It has the essence of the beach bars that the co-founder Samantha Mauricio has visited in Southeast Asia. She tells us that in Thailand, it is common to spend the day there with no pressures while grazing on fabulous food, feeling the tropical vibes bathe your skin while the wait staff takes care of you without being overbearing.    Trópico 56


So, you just want a beer, some relaxed music, and a place to sit? Head to Trópico 56. You can choose between the Acapulco Room and one that has the classical style of a beach house, both nestled in amongst hanging, crawling, and standing plants and colorful murals created by an artist from Jalisco, México (IG: Muchanebula). There’s lots of green and lots of colors.


Trópico 56 got a lot of inspiration from the popular biophilia trend that surged during the pandemic. “This is returning to nature and taking it to space, to make you feel like you are outside and in contact with nature,” said Samantha. Plus, they took advantage of the blessings of our Mérida climate, so you will find local plants and trees like papaya, banana, and several other kinds. “All this gives us the opportunity to share the happiness of color.” Not everything is plants, as there is also an abundance of fauna. On the murals, you will find the majestic mot-mot bird (known locally as Toh), a toucan, flamingos, jaguars…  


While there is always music playing, the volume is such that you can always talk and be heard; Thursday is karaoke night and they have various bands that play on other days. Are you more a day person than a night owl? You’re lucky because Trópico opens at 3 pm, just in time for a late lunch or early dinner off their delicious menu.  



The menu, friends, the menu

The house specialties at Trópico 56 are their seafood, as well as mezcal-based signature drinks, which seem quite ad hoc with all the flavors that you can choose from. Do you want something refreshing? Their Mezcalitas (like frozen Margaritas but made with mezcal) and the Alebrije cocktail (orange, pineapple, and with the touch of Aperol) are a must. You don’t drink alcohol? Trópico has some wonderful mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) that you will adore, such as passion fruit and pitahaya (my favorite).    


When talking about food, the seafood that they offer is definitely a people pleaser, especially the Maya Octopus. However, this is a seasonal offering, as catching octopus out of season (from mid-December to July) can get a lot of people in trouble.  In the meantime, you can enjoy different versions of your favorite dishes. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up enjoying one of their different steaks and a lively show.  


Don’t miss their daily Happy Hour! There are different deals all week long.   



Trópico 56 is also pet-friendly

Whether you have a dog or a rabbit, please know that they are all welcome at Trópico 56. You will probably even notice a pair of kittens and two little dogs that are practically part of the staff…in other words, they are permanent visitors.    Just remember that during the holidays it might be too noisy to leave them at home and the fireworks might scare them if they are home alone, so…bring them with you!   

Remate de Paseo de Montejo

Calle 56-A #425-A, Paseo de Montejo, Centro

IG: tropico56mid  



Photography by Trópico 56 for use in Yucatán Today.

Olivia Camarena Cervera

Author: Olivia Camarena Cervera

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