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Restaurant of the Month: La Bierhaus

12 november 2010
2 min. de lectura

Each month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.


November 2010


If you want to save yourself a trip all the way to Germany for some good German food and beer, just drop in to La Bierhaus here in Mérida. The music, furnishings, uniforms, decor, and ambience will transport you to “Deutschland”…not to mention the food and beer!


Located on a residential street of Colonia México, La Bierhaus can’t be missed with its dark wood doors and windows and wooden tables on the patio. The “Willkommen” sign above the door will welcome you inside, where you will find a long bar with wood bar stools and tables, and probably lots of happy people enjoying their German “bier”. There are also two other seating areas indoors including a private room for parties. The mood is much like a neighborhood pub, and the selection of German beer is impressive, including the popular Hofbräu Original and Mönchshol Lager. There are also some German red and white wines to choose from, including Riesling Kabinett, Cuvee Siebenpfeiffer, and Franconia Müller Thurgau.


Make sure you are hungry when you come to La Bierhaus! The menu is ample and you will want to try many things…so it is also a good idea to come with a few friends so you can sample various dishes. The house specialty, Chamorro, is DELICIOUS, so we will begin with that and then go back to soups and appetizers…because you must have this in your dining plan as you order everything else!


According to Jurgen, the restaurant owner, one of the reasons Chamorro is so popular with Meridanos is that it is a roasted pork dish…and we know how important our lechón and cochinita is to our local diet! This is a hunk of slow-roasted pork leg which has a crispy crust on the outside and just falls off the bone. You WILL eat it all, so plan the rest of your meal accordingly!


Appetizers: In addition to the cheese and meat platters, some other tasty options include crispy potato served with applesauce, breaded camembert cheese served with cranberry jelly, and liverwurst paté.  In the salad department, in addition to a mixed salad, they offer a Waldorf salad: this version has cabbage, apple, carrot, raisins, nuts and cream. There are two soups on the menu: potato soup and Goulash, which includes a variey of vegetables as well as some chunks of beef.

And now to the sausages: no meal at La Bierhaus would be complete without sampling some authentic German sausage! They offer classic Bratwurst; Currywurst (served with curry sauce on top; apparently this is quite popular in parts of Germany); the smaller Nurnberger sausage; the white Munchener sausage from Munich; and Frankfurter. If this is too much for you to think about, just order the Wursteller, a plate which includes a little bit of everything. Another “must” is the Flammkuchen, a paper-thin pizza-like dish with various toppings, light and crispy.


To finish off your feast, the apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, German chocolate cake, or fruit compote with vanilla cream are all homemade and divine. Your experience at La Bierhaus would not be complete without one of these desserts!


Calle 23 No. 93 x 18 y 20, Col. Mexico.
Tel. 286 8022. 1 pm – 2 am
Calle 62 x 57 y 59, Centro
Tel. 928 0333. 1 pm – 2 am

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