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Hacienda Chichén Resort: A Historical and Ecological Legacy

09 november 2023
6 min. de lectura

2310 Hacienda Chichen Resort fachada casa principal by Yucatan TodayIt is well known that time is the best architect; a single place can undergo countless transformations over the years, intertwining hundreds of stories. It serves as a reminder that the essence of a place is constantly changing, a canvas marked by the passage of time and the people who have graced it.   Hacienda Chichén is a clear example of this. Located in the municipality of Tinum and with origins dating back to the 1540s, it was one of the first haciendas in Yucatán. Today, it stands out as one of the country's premier ecological resorts. But how did this evolution unfold?  



A bit of Hacienda Chichén's history

The name of this colonial hacienda comes from its location, as the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá was part of its grounds. However, the hacienda itself was destroyed and abandoned in 1847 due to the Caste War.  


In 1894, Hacienda Chichén was purchased by Edward Herbert Thompson, an archaeologist and the United States consul in Yucatán, who was fascinated by the structures he found in Chichén Itzá.   Hacienda Chichen Resort habitaciones cabañas by Yucatan Today


Thompson dedicated himself to the restoration of the hacienda and ordered the construction of rustic cabins to accommodate the archaeologists who came to conduct research in the archaeological site. Since 1923, these cabins served as a base for the first archaeological expeditions in this area, which lasted for several decades. In the 1940s, Thompson's heirs sold the hacienda, which was then acquired by the Barbachano family and later transformed into a hotel.    Hacienda Chichen Resort by Yucatan Today


In the 1990s, as environmental awareness began to establish itself as a global trend, Belisa Barbachano, freshly graduated in Sociology and Art History returned to Yucatán from abroad. Her return led her to rediscover the natural beauty of her homeland and recognize the urgent need to preserve it.  


It was then that she decided to take the reins of her grandmother's hacienda, who deeply loved the place and its unique nature. Driven by a strong commitment to ecological preservation and support for the Maya community, Belisa, together with her husband Bruce, started the process of transforming the hacienda into a pioneering sustainable hotel in Yucatán.  


Hacienda Chichen Resorts huerto, jardin botanico, jicara by Yucatan Today

Sustainability and community support at Hacienda Chichén

From a thorough water cleaning process to programs dedicated to the welfare of Maya communities, Hacienda Chichén is dedicated to nurturing a deep love for the land and its biodiversity. The hotel's staff is well-versed in local species and is committed to offering guests enriching experiences, such as birdwatching and visits to the botanical garden.  


Hacienda Chichen Resort habitaciones_cabañas by Yucatan Today

A unique experience for guests

With a focus on connecting guests directly with nature, Hacienda Chichén provides a one-of-a-kind experience, as the cabins that once housed the early archaeologists now serve as the 28 rooms of the resort. Here, guests are encouraged to disconnect from the virtual world, providing a space where they can immerse themselves in the peace and natural beauty that surrounds the hacienda.  


Hacienda Chichen Resorts platillos en restaurante by Yucatan TodayWith 13 acres of active land and 200 acres in total, including a private reserve of the Maya jungle, visitors can explore the richness of local biodiversity. Additionally, organic food and various dietary options are offered to accommodate guests' needs and preferences, always supporting the use of local products. They also have day and night packages.  



Yaxkin Spa

Hacienda Chichén takes pride in keeping Maya culture alive and honoring its traditions. With an ecological Maya spa and a holistic center that offers treatments based on traditional Maya medicine, the hotel has worked to eliminate the stigma that sometimes surrounds these approaches.   Hacienda Chichen Resort jardin by Yucatan TodayFurthermore, Maya wedding ceremonies are celebrated, and respectful relationships have been established with the Association of Maya Priests.  


Hacienda Chichén embodies the power of vision and effort to preserve and respect nature and culture. With a solid foundation of sustainability, community support, and love for the land, this resort proves that it’s possible to provide an enriching tourism experience without compromising the environment and the cultural heritage we value so much.  



Hacienda Chichén

Carretera libre 180 - Puerto Juárez Km 120

(Zona Hotelera de Chichén Itzá)

Tel. 999 920 8407,  999 442 7741.

From USA and Canada 1 877 631 4005



IG: haciendachichen

FB: Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa     



Photography by Yucatán Today for its use in Yucatán Today.

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