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Full Moon Jazz Music under the Moon and the Stars

11 january 2023
3 min. de lectura

Finally, three years later, we are once again able to organize the ever-popular and now famous Full Moon Jazz Festival. This 14 th edition will be held Saturday, February 4 th , 2023 on the beach at Villas Wayak in San Benito.


FMJ is the major fundraiser for the university students in Telchac Education and has supported and helped 13 students graduate from college, something that would not have happened without it. You will see the students, both graduates and others, working at the event.


 Full Moon Jazz Festival   Full Moon Jazz Festival


What happens at Full Moon Jazz? Well, first off, boatloads of fun. When you mix music from three fantastic bands, dancing over the pool and under the moon, a food court with four restaurants, a bar, a fun 50/50 raffle, and about 650 happy, joyful, partying people, you have the ingredients for a good time that supports a good cause.


Once again, Ranier Pucheux and The Merida Big Band is the anchor band. This is the band that definitely gets everyone up and dancing! Jazz Sensitive de Mauricio Bonfiglio will also be returning with their fabulous sounds. The third group, which is always from somewhere outside of Mérida, will be, as per usual, a very pleasant surprise. We’ve had groups from New York, Cuba, San Francisco, New Orleans, Canada, and Guadalajara.


All food and drink purchases are made with “tickets” that you buy at the “bank” upon arrival. Tip: Buy a sheet from the start so you don’t have to line up for tickets every time.


Full Moon Jazz FestivalKind people, please remember that this is a charity event. No coolers or food and drink from the outside are permitted.


Are you ready to buy your tickets? You should, as you’ll save $100 pesos by buying them in advance. In Mérida, tickets are available at Between the Lines bookstore, Arcadia Real Estate, Hennessey’s Irish Pub, and Kate Miasik Hair Salon. On the coast, visit the Rancho X-Tampu at Natural Thangs Monday Market and  Cocodrilo’s Wednesday Market, or at the Bull Pen in Chelem.


Full Moon Jazz Festival

Saturday, February 4

Villas Wayak Km. 25.5 Progreso – Telchac Puerto Coastal road

Pre-sale: $500 pesos / At the door: $600 pesos

For tickets, visit IG & FB: Full Moon Jazz 

Return transportation from Mérida available for ticket holders, $150 pesos

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