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Bterra Desarrollos: Transforming Southeast México

18 june 2024
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Bterra Desarrollos: Transforming the Southeast Mexican Skyline, Real Estate in Merida, Examples of Innovation, 3 innovative real estate projects in Merida
The southeastern region of México is undergoing an unprecedented real estate transformation, and Bterra Desarrollos, a subsidiary of the prestigious Grupo Bepensa, is at the forefront. With a strong presence in Yucatán, Quintana Roo, and Campeche, Bterra Desarrollos has become synonymous with innovation, financial stability, and reliability in the real estate sector.



Revolutionizing the real estate market

Bterra Desarrollos has adopted a holistic vision, executing comprehensive projects across industrial, corporate, commercial, service, and residential sectors. This vision allows investors and clients to not only meet their operational and financial needs but also participate in creating a new reality in the southeast. Through B2B and BTS (Build to Suit) schemes, the company ensures complete control of the real estate process, from land selection to turnkey delivery.


2407 Capitol Bterra Mérida Parque by Bterra Desarrollos slogoPlanned communities and iconic projects

One of Bterra Desarrollos' most exciting projects is Distrito Xcanatún, a 200-hectare development along the Mérida-Progreso highway. This project features the innovative Cápitol Distrito Urbano (CápitolDU), the first urban district of its kind in southeastern México. Designed with strict urbanization standards, CápitolDU offers 30 macro lots perfect for building exceptional real estate products that complement each other.

Among the first developments in CápitolDU are the San José Moscati Hospital and the BYD Agency. The Moscati Hospital, originally from Querétaro, will open its second branch in Mérida, featuring a 100-meter tall medical tower with 27 levels, equipped with cutting-edge technology. On the other hand, BYD, a global leader in new energy vehicles, will establish its first agency in Mérida within CápitolDU, promoting the transition to electric vehicles in the region.



Industrial and commercial impact

Bterra Desarrollos' expertise in the industrial and commercial sectors is evident in projects like the Leoni Wiring Systems industrial plants in Mérida and the Decathlon store, the only one in southeast México. Their robust portfolio also includes projects such as the UNID university campuses in Campeche and Playa del Carmen.



Premium land and investment opportunities

2407 LEONI Inmobiliarias Mérida by BTERRA slogoFor those interested in investment opportunities, Bterra Desarrollos offers premium land for rent, strategically located, with the possibility of custom-built structures for industrial and commercial uses. These lands, along with their completed projects, consolidate Bterra Desarrollos as a strategic ally in the real estate evolution of the Yucatán Península.

Bterra Desarrollos is not only developing new projects but also redefining the landscape of southeastern México. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, combined with their focus on positive community impact, makes Bterra Desarrollos a key benchmark for those looking to invest and transform southeastern México into a premier destination for both living and doing business.


For travelers and tourists, this evolution offers a unique opportunity to explore a growing region where modernity and tradition intertwine to provide unique and unforgettable experiences.




Bterra Desarrollos
Calle 74 #255, Fraccionamiento Las Américas
Tel. 999 941 0200
IG: bterradesarrollos
FB: Bterra Desarrollos

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