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Art Galleries and Cultural Centers in Mérida

07 january 2019
6 min. de lectura

As we well know, artistic expression and cultural richness is part of the everyday life of Mérida residents. It's common to see locals gather at cultural events that take place in the city every season, or to witness stage performances, live music, sculptures, and paintings while we walk every day around our beautiful city. It's such an everyday part of our lives, that there are even places where different forms of art are promoted by their guardians. Continuing with information from previous articles, here are some other options.


Art galleries and cultural centers in the city are increasing daily, and along with hundreds of visitors, the works of art they expose and promote, expands their presence among Meridanos.



Nahualli, Casa de los Artistas

Nahualli is a gallery where the art of of the Vázquez Medina family is displayed. Formed by four family members who get their artistic inspiration from mother earth and from the nahual (according to Aztec mythology, it’s the animal that is born at the same time as a person and takes care of him throughout his life). Abel Vázquez and Melva Medina are recognized worldwide, while their two daughters are starting their careers in the art world. In a splendid gallery located on Calle 60, they expose their works of art to whoever has the impulse to stop by and discover these wonderful Mexican artists. (Calle 60 #405 x 43 y 45, Centro) www.nahualli-gallery.com/



Alejandro Barrios

Similarly, Mexican artist Alejandro Barrios has an art exposition in his own gallery, also located on Calle 60. His pieces are created on fabric with acrylic and spatula and show the personality of this great artist and the style he imposes on his paintings. (Calle 60 #387-C x 41 y 43, Centro) www.alejandrobarriosart.com/



Soho Galleries

You'll find find other art galleries that house great works of art on Calle 60. At Soho Galleries, you can enjoy a collective exhibit from national to international artists, where painting and sculpture are present in every space. Every three or four months they put on an opening to show the work of different artists: Cuban, Mexican, French, and American. The ambience in this gallery is irresistible, and the pieces on display are truly works of art that arouse unique sensations in each visitor. Don't miss a chance to drop in and discover the work of great contemporary artists. (Calle 60 #400-A x 41 y 43, Centro)



La Sala Art & Design Gallery

A few steps away you'll find La Sala. This gallery exhibits the works of well-known artists who have been recognized with international awards, including the “Biennial” (one of the most prestigious art awards worldwide). The pieces this gallery exhibits are contemporary, pop and urban art, which will always have a place on its walls. Mexican artist Hector Falcón and Spanish artist Alfredo Romero, (whose pieces started their exhibition tour in Mérida on December 8 th, during La “Noche Blanca”), are some examples of the artists who show their work on this important gallery. If you are an art lover don't hesitate to stop in to  La Sala, whose doors are open to the public. They have frequent events to show new pieces. (Calle 60 #399-A x 43 y 45, Centro) FB: La Sala Art Gallery



Estación 72

In Mérida there are also cultural spaces that host a wide variety of art and, at the same time, encourage people to spend time with friends and family. One of these is Estación 72. This café is located on Avenida Colón and offers its visitors an ideal space to hang out with friends. Besides the ample café where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, Estación 72 exhibits great works of art by Mexican artists, available to whoever falls in love with one of them. On the shelves you will see sculptures influenced by Michoacán culture, along with other creations such as handbags, jewelry, and great paintings from talented Mexican artists. This is a place that goes beyond a simple café and becomes a cultural space where you can connect with yourself as well as enjoy art, and overall, spend time with friends while enjoying a good meal. You can be hosted in several different languages, such as English, Spanish, German, and Italian. (Avenida Colón x Reforma).



La Calle

Another place where it is possible to enjoy cultural activities is at La Calle. Besides being a Spanish school for foreigners, this place offers cultural recreational activities to introduce participants to the Maya and Mexican culture. Movies in Spanish with discussion afterwards, café, as well as Spanish classes, are some of the activities this school offers for students and the public. After six years in this city,  La Calle invites you to spend some time with friends and to enjoy our beautiful Mexican culture. (Calle 67 #590 x 70 y 72, Centro) www.calle-55.com FB:  La Calle Spanish School Merida



Centro Cultural La Cupula

Other forms of art take place in different cultural centers around the city. Concerts, recitals and live performances are part of the billboard of events every month in Centro Cultural La Cupula; they also exhibit unique art and promote contact between artist and visitor during special events. It's a space where activities and workshops take place alongside artists in residence. (Calle 54 #407 x 41 y 43, Centro) www.lacupulamerida.org FB: Centro Cultural La Cúpula



Centro Cultural Tapanco

Tapanco is a space where you can find theater plays and dance performances, as well as movies and exhibitions. There are different events every weekend. (Calle 54 #407 x 41 y 43, Centro). FB: Tapanco Centro Cultural


These are some of the many spaces in town where different forms of art are happening, and where you can have a close encounter with them and make them part of your everyday life. Get to know these incredible places and take advantage of the variety of exhibitions on offer in the culturally rich city of Mérida. Without a doubt, you will find more than one piece that will take your breath away. Editorial by Claudia Améndola



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