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The Maya "End of the World": Destruction or Evolution?

10 june 2021
7 min. de lectura
The following text is an article written by a contributor in 2009. While several myths and beliefs around the alleged Maya prophecy that predicted the end of the world were debunked long before 2012, we chose to keep this text as a sample of its time. The opinions and statements expressed in this text are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views, opinions, or policies of Yucatán Today. We encourage readers to consider multiple sources and viewpoints when forming their own opinions.
Today’s Maya look ahead to December 2012 as a critical point in the history of humanity; and they see time as a variable which has a great influence on life on this planet and our existence.
Not for a single moment have the Maya feared the arrival of this date; on the contrary: the ancient Maya have always told us to wait patiently for a change in consciousness and the evolution which that change will bring. Human beings don´t exist by chance or a work of fate, they are part of a plan to carry out a mission in this part of the universe. Nor is the world totally complete in its creation and perfection; mankind has a job to do on this planet and must be a part of its conservation. It could be said that life on planet Earth depends on humans and what we do during our existence.
The Maya prophecies announce the change of time. The Popol-Vuh is their book of advice and it tells us: “It is time for a new dawn and to finally complete the task.” We are at the beginning of the ending of a period of the Sun which lasts 5200 years, culminating with some hours of darkness. After these days of darkness, a new (the sixth) period of the Sun will appear. In each period of the Sun, the planet adjusts, causing changes to the climate, social, and political changes. The world, and life, both transform, and we enter a period of understanding, of living together in harmony, and of social justice and equality for all; there is a new way of living. When there is a new social order there is a new kind of freedom, a time when we will walk like the clouds, without limits and without borders; we will travel like the birds, with no need for passports; we will flow like the rivers, all toward the same place, the same goal.
The Popool Vuh tells us that there have been three eras: the era of the gods, the era of the heroes, and the era of mankind with an increase in decline. But what does all this mean? It means that within the Maya prohecies, we can see a return to power. The interesting thing is that within this long-awaited change, it is also expected that there will be a reawakening of the Maya world in all its complexity, with an appearance of the ascending Maya spirits who will come to bring the people back up. We will fulfill the famous phrase “that no one will be left behind” and also that “we always return to where we came from”.
This means that we are facing great changes, great powers which never have been seen on the face of the earth. We have an opportunity to experience a change of conscience which will help us to evolve as a species, protecting the natural resources which we need for our survival, and bring about the long-awaited, urgent social equity, finally understanding the importance of the human being in the universal order. We will wake up in the conscience of change.
Profecias mayasThe Maya do not speak of the end of the world; specifically, they say that everything transforms, that the only thing which remains is the spirit, in its journey of evolution toward higher levels.





The First Maya Prophecy

Announces the end of the present cycle, that from the year 1999 there are 13 years remaining, that every person is in the great room of mirrors to find his own multidimensional nature within himself. Their calendar contains the coded information which indicates the key date for the transformation: Saturday, December 22, 2012.



The Second Maya Prophecy

Says that the answers to everything are inside man, that our behavior determines our future. It affirms that humanity finds itself in a moment of fundamental transition toward a new way of perceiving the universe...that the universe and the solar system are receiving a beam of light, energy, and information from the center of the galaxy, and that this is causing an increase in the vibration of the planet and the brain waves and cells of man, placing him in equilibrium with this new frequency, causing enormous changes in his behavior.  
The second Maya prophecy shows two paths: one of understanding and tolerance, and one of fear and destruction. In both man will learn the necessary lessons for the evolution of the conscience.  
This prophecy tells us that humanity is moving toward a new era of harmony, and that to get there, we must confront our greatest fears and accept that we are faced with difficult situations in order to learn from them, maintaining peace in any situation which we experience. No matter how difficult the challenges, we can maintain and increase our internal energy, producing a state of high vibration and a state of respect for all that exists. The difficult situations will remain in our lives as long as we need to learn something from them.



The Third Maya Prophecy

Says that we must become aware of our influence on the planet so that we do not continue making mistakes, or causing its destruction, as has happened over the course of history. The processes of industrialization without ecological sensitivity have caused, with its wastes, a general increase in the temperature of the planet. This will be accentuated by increased activity of the sun, caused by the energy received from the center of the galaxy, creating great changes in weather and winds.  
There will be energy vortexes which will clean the earth's surface, which are the manifestation of the in conformity of our planet, and of the elemental energies contained in its interior.



The Fourth Maya Prophecy

Tells us: man must cease his destructive behavior, in order to synchronize with the rhythms of nature and adjust to the changes which will take the whole universe to an era of harmony. The climate changes will produce a melting of the poles, allowing the planet to be cleansed and green again, producing great changes in the physical composition of the continents.



The Fifth Maya Prophecy

Says that all systems based on fear which affect our civilization, will transform simultaneously with the planet and humanity, to take a new step toward the reality of harmony.   Systems will fail to confront humanity with itself, making us see the need to reorganize society and continue on the path of evolution, allowing us to understand creation. MONEY will cease to be used as a form of exchange, and the symptoms which are emerging in various parts of the world seem to confirm this.  
A single, common spiritual path will emerge for all humanity which will end the established limits we have set for the different ways of seeing God.  
The new galactic day is seen in all religions and cults as an era of peace and harmony for all humanity. Therefore, it is clear that whatever does not contribute to this result should disappear or change. The new era of light cannot allow a humanity based on a military economy which imposes truths by force.  
The dawn of the galaxy should be based on PROFOUND RESPECT for each other, and the recognition of all that exists. The new humanity will not need existing technology communication systems, for we will be connected mentally, and therefore violence should cease to exist.  
We are at the end of the night of 5125 years; at the end of a galactic day of 26,000 years, at the point of entering the dawn of the galaxy. The era of change which the Maya called "the time of no time" was also prophesied by other cults and religions. All agree that the world is at the point of a change of huge proportions, soon after which will occur a period of chaos which will usher in a new phase of evolution of conscience and unprecedented changes in humanity.



The Sixth Maya Prophecy

Says that in the next few years a comet will appear whose trajectory will place humanity's existence in danger, also predicted by many religions and cults; in the Bible's book of Revelations it appears under the name Wormwood.  
The Maya knew that for modern man, to discover with anticipation an asteroid so large and then divert it, would be one of the major achievements of human history and a critical act, that would unite us as a species.



The Seventh Maya Prophecy

Tells us of the moment when the solar system, in its cycle, leaves the night and enters the dawn of the galaxy.  
It is said that in the 13 years from 1999 to 2012, the light which is emitted from the center of the galaxy synchronizes all living beings and permits them to voluntarily access an internal transformation which produces new realities, that we all have the opportunity to change and break our limitations, receiving a new sense. Those who voluntarily find their interior state of peace, taking their frequency of vital energy from fear to LOVE, will be able to capture and express themselves through thought, and with that, Evolve.

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