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10 Reasons to Make Yucatán Your Next Destination

01 july 2020
4 min. de lectura

We know that traveling our state isn’t a possibility yet (we’re anxious for this to happen, but we’re patient!). But we wanted to share our top ten reasons why you should make Yucatán next on your travel bucket list. Reader beware, wanderlust ahead.


1. Safety

Yucatán has received the distinction of being México’s safest state on many occasions and in 2019 Mérida was named the Best Small City in the World by Condé Nast Traveler. Besides, Yucatán recently received the Safe Travel Stamp from the WTTC for protocols put in place to halt the spread of Covid-19, so that you can travel with peace of mind.  


2. Unique stone formations

65 million years ago, a meteorite hit Chicxulub forming hundreds of cenotes and cave systems you can explore and that are a distinctive geological feature of our region.  







3. Mesmerizing beaches

The white sand and warm water of the Gulf of México extends over 340 km of the Yucatecan coastline. From Celestún to El Cuyo, you can’t go wrong in choosing. All the beaches in Yucatán are heavenly!  


4. Majestic archaeology

The sites aren’t limited to Chichén Itzá and Uxmal. There are over 19 archaeological zones open to the public and they are sp


read throughout the state. For your next trip, plan a visit to see the incredible Monster of the Earth in Ek Balam, or the massive Kinich Kak Moo in Izamal.  



5. History and culture

 A civilization that goes back millennia and a painful colonial past have resulted in our contemporary Mestizo culture. You’ll see it vibrant and alive everywhere you turn.  


6. Delightful small towns

Valladolid and Izamal maintain distinctions as Pueblos Mágicos de México, but there’s no shortage of charming towns to visit and support. From historical villages like Sisal and Maní, to productive communities like Tekit and Oxkutzcab.  


7. Foodies rejoice

Panuchos, Cochinita, Sopa de Lima...Yucatecan food rocks! You may know some of these hallmark dishes, but you haven’t lived your best life until you’ve tried fresh Papadzules right here in the Land of the Mayab.  






8. Colorful streets

 The state’s colonial architecture painted in pastel colors is going to have you feeling like that Emoji that has hearts for eyes.  


9. Perfect for any travel style

Moments of contemplation on the beach, a day enjoying the cenotes with family, a night on the town with friends, or a whole week exploring the city with your partner. Yucatán’s activities are perfect for all travel styles - it doesn’t matter if you're flying solo or with others.  



10. The people

A warm welcome, don’t expect any less. Yucatecans are genuine, kind, interesting, and generous. Come meet us, and don’t be afraid to ask us about our state. We share openly with travelers that come with open hearts and minds.
Maggie Rosado

Author: Maggie Rosado

Maggie is passionate about tourism, writing and languages and has a master's degree in Translation Skills.

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