Relleno Negro cocina yucateca
The Relleno Negro is traditionally a turkey dish that is seasoned with a spice blend made from charred chilies and herbs that give it a slightly spicy flavor and its emblematic black coloring. This dish is typically served at weddings and it’s one of the oldest recipes in our regional cuisine.

Recipe for Relleno Negro

1 chicken
250 grs of recado negro paste
½ bunch epazote
1 chile xcatik in slices
2 tomatoes julienned
1 onion julienned
25 grs flour dissolved in water.

250 grs ground pork
250 grs ground beef
½ finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped sweet chile
Salt, pepper, garlic
50 grs of recado negro paste
3 cooked eggs (separate whites and yolks)
1 raw egg
1 sprig epazote finely chopped

Cut the chicken in ¼, remove excess fat, place in a large pot. Liquefy the recado with ½ lt. water, add to the chicken with the epazote, and the salt.
Brown the onion and add the chile xcatik and then the tomato. Add this and then the flour to the broth. Cook for 10 minutes.

Mix the meats with the onion and the sweet chile, add salt, pepper, and garlic. Mix well with the recado and the raw egg. Add the cooked egg whites and the epazote.
Form an arm and place the cooked egg yolks in the middle. Wrap and bind in cheesecloth and cook it in the broth for an hour. Serve in slices with the broth.

Photo credit: Habaneros Restaurante

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