In Campeche you can find all kinds of recipes, from meat to chicken to fish. The state is especially famous for its seafood and fish, and the quality and freshness is widely known. Exotic fruits and vegetables grown in this part of Mexico make the variety of dishes an unforgettable experience.

 We have chosen some of the most famous dishes of Campechano Cuisine for you and tried to explain them. Of course there are many more…make sure you try some.

Pan de CazonPan de Cazon
This is Campeche’s most famous dish. It actually resembles a layered cake in that it is stacked. Three tortillas are covered with refried beans. A mixture of cooked cazon (dogfish) is put on each tortilla and they are stacked up. A tomato sauce is smothered over the entire stack. Delicious!

Campeche has a large production of octopus from August 1 to December 15th. During this time frame, many restaurants serve octopus cooked in various dishes. These include octopus in its ink, octopus in garlic, octopus in escabeche (pickled onions), fried octopus and octopus in ceviche.

Shrimp with Coconut
The shrimp is breaded in shredded coconut and corn crumbs then deep fried until crispy. This is usually served with applesauce and is incredibly delicious!

Pompano in Pickled Onions
Grilled fish cooked in an “escabeche” sauce – oil, sliced onions, garlic, chiles, paprika, herbs and Seville orange juice.

Chicken in Capers
This traditional Campeche dish has its roots in Spanish cuisine. Chicken is prepared in a sauce of onion, chiles, peppers, tomato, saffron, olives, capers and raisins.

Sweet Green Papaya
Very popular in the entire state of Campeche. Papaya is cooked in lime water then rinsed and cooked in a sugar and honey syrup. It is preserved in glass jars or bottles.

It has been said that this famous drink has its roots in Campeche. White rum is mixed with mineral water, cola, a wedge of lime and ice! This is actually a rum and coke with mineral water added.


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