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Yaxunah, Community Tourism

04 september 2020
3 min. de lectura

Corn with coconut; tortilla, corn, and Nixtamal Pozole, Choco Sakán, corn Sa’kab as an offering for the gods… I would have never dreamed that such a variety of corn-based drinks existed and I tried them all. That is only one of the many experiences you can be a part of in Yaxunah. Located in the municipality of Yaxcabá, 25 minutes from Chichén itzá, this small town is an example of Maya community tourism that preserves identity and culture while opening its doors so visitors can experience its gastronomy, culture, and nature.



Visiting the Milpa

To truly understand corn, you can’t simply visit the Milpa, you have to actually talk to the people who have it as a way of life. In this case, that's don Francisco, who ensures crops are sustainable (not by using the burning process that is often practiced).  He’ll show you his corn, squash, bean, and hibiscus crops; plus you’ll learn how to cut the kernels off the corn and all about the drinks that come from it.


Bull Horn Handcrafts

As wood artisans, these artists learned to work with bull horns to create unique accessories and decorations and each one specializes in different designs.





Hammock Wrapping

They produce cotton hammocks with colorful crochet as well as custom pieces such as lamps and other accessories.



Seed Bank

The conservation of different types of corn seeds and other crops is a great way to preserve the identity and history of a community. Here you’ll find it in a specialized seed bank.



Archeological Site

You can also visit the archeological site where you can take a look at the incredible Sac Bé (white road in Maya) and structures with carved stone. These have very distinct images, different from others you may have seen before. This site is large and is still immersed heavily in vegetation.



Cenote Lol-há

To wrap up, the cenote Lol-há (water flower) is a block away from the tourist center. Its deepths makes it an ideal spot for true adventurers.



Food and Lodging

This group of people offers many other experiences such as preparation of the Pib (underground oven), lodging with three bedrooms (with reservation), as well as food services depending on the package and activities you choose. You can also rent a bike so you can explore. Packages are for two people minimum.



How to get there:

From Mérida take the Mérida-Pisté highway and then take the detour towards Yaxunah by Km 22.

By public transport, take a bus to Pisté and then a cab to the community.

They are currently preparing to re-open.

FB: Parador Turístico Yaxunah


Holga Tamay Canul

- WhatsApp: 985 1145 7176


Orlando Uicab Canul

-WhatsApp.  985 114 0808 

Violeta H. Cantarell

Author: Violeta H. Cantarell

“Meridana,” traveler, animal lover, passionate reader, commentator, and enthusiastic promoter of the natural and human beauty of Yucatán.

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