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Telchac Puerto

23 july 2020
7 min. de lectura

Telchac Puerto is a special, laid back fishing village of about 2,000 inhabitants that is slowly opening up to the world. It has been discovered. Located some 45 miles (72 km) northeast of Mérida, to many, Telchac Puerto is considered “remote.” When one is looking for a quiet, “real” experience in a fishing village, Telchac Puerto is a great option.


In Telchac Puerto you will still find many sandy roads and lots of people using their feet, bicycles, motorbikes, and trici-taxis for transportation. You can either plan a day-trip here or overnight. There is an ex-pat community of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans of which some are snowbirds while others live in the community full-time.  



The Seasons in Telchac Puerto 

This port village has three “seasons.” The Easter season (Semana Santa and Pascua) is during the weeks before and after Easter. The summer season, known locally as the “Temporada” in July and August, is when the Yucatecans from Mérida come out to use their beach homes during the summer vacations. The rest of the year, basically September to June (minus Easter), is when you’ll see foreigners in Telchac Puerto. Many are homeowners or renters who come to escape the cold weather and others are day visitors.  



The Beach in Telchac Puerto

Telchac Puerto has nice beaches that are not over-run with people, breakwaters, or fishing boats on the beach. There are no reefs, rocks, large tides, or currents so it is pretty safe for swimming. You won’t find fishing boats taking up the beaches as Telchac is one of the villages on the northern coast of the state of Yucatán that has a harbor (others are Celestún, Sisal, Progreso, San Crisanto, and Río Lagartos.)  You will also find a quaint Malecón (seaside promenade) with statues of a huge shark and some flamingos along with a large, tall park-type bench for photo ops. There are also artisans’ booths set up selling local handcrafts.  



The Main Square in Telchac Puerto 

The main square has a center gazebo and lots of trees that provide shade along with an exercise area, picnic tables, and a children’s area with swings and jungle gyms. This is the perfect place for people watching especially in the afternoon from 5 pm on. Around the main square you’ll find the market (open 7 am - 2 pm), the church, the Mayor’s Palace, a bakery (opens at 3:30 pm), and some restaurants.


From 9 am on, people head to the newly renovated market to pick up their vegetables, fruits, pork, and chicken. For fish, you either have to go to the harbor or check out the signs along the main road where people are selling filets and/or shrimp.  


Things are very quiet between 2 pm and 5 pm when everyone is at home having lunch, a mid-day siesta, and doing their very best to keep out of the mid-day heat. Many shops are closed during these hours, but you’ll find that the restaurants stay open.



Accommodations in Telchac Puerto 

There’s a variety of accommodation to fit any budget. They range from quaint, thatched-roof Maya huts and economy hostels, to newly-built 5-star resorts. You will also find many Airbnb and VRBO listings that also go from basic to downright luxurious. (list below)  



Restaurants in Telchac Puerto 

For decades, the restaurants in town all opened from noon to 6 pm and offered fish, fish, and more fish! Usually cooked with butter, garlic, fried, or breaded. Everyone had almost the same menu. Then, some owners got creative and started offering other dishes for the non-seafood eaters and to have some variety. Lately the restaurants have been upgrading their installations and their menus. There are now other options that include Asian, pizza, hamburgers, and a cart on the main square that offers breakfast.  


Some restaurantes are Los Tiburones, La Picuda, Sea Friends, Los Cocos, El Angelito, Los Patitos, Bella Mar, Villas del Mar, Sol-Mar, Grand Marina Kinuh, Gangusi, Pescadería Xochi, Coloso de la Costa, Lolos.  



The Patron Saint of Telchac Puerto 

The patron saint of Telchac Puerto is San Diego de Acalá and the festival for him is in November, typically from November 5 - 20. Festivities include dances both folkloric and “regular,” bull-fights, a carnival with games and mechanical rides, masses dedicated to the saint, and the traditional pilgrimage of the statue of San Diego which departs with a fishing fleet for a small trip around the harbor.



Near Telchac Puerto 

If you go for a day trip, strolling or fishing from the pier, reading on the beach, swimming in the Gulf of México, beachcombing, having a meal of fresh seafood, and/or buying freshly baked French bread are things to do. You can include a visit to the nearby Maya site of X’cambó (3 miles west), go to the pink salt lagoons of Xtampú (on the way to X’cambó), kayak around Sayachaltún (at the entrance to Telchac Puerto near the Puerto de Abrigo harbor area), or a book a tour of the mangrove in nearby San Crisanto (15 minutes driving time due East).  


This has been a hard article to write. Do I want to let the secret out, or be selfish and keep it quiet? I want to share Telchac Puerto with people but at the same time don’t want to. If it is overrun by tourists, it will lose its essence. But, at the same time, the townspeople have started building and preparing installations to receive guests. I suggest you visit while it is still Telchac Puerto! 



How to get to Telchac Puerto 

The easiest way is by car - either a rental car or a hired driver. To drive, head north from Mérida to Progreso then turn right (east) on the coastal road and drive for 40 kilometers. Or, you can go via Motul heading north from Motul for 36 kilometers. Public transportation is a tad harder with trips in vans from Motul. Trips run when the vans are full and are usually non-existent between 2 pm and 5 pm.


How to get to Telchac Puerto by bus:


Via the Cost:

Estación de Autobuses del Noreste de Yucatán

Calle 69 con 50, Centro, Mérida.

Tel. (999) 924 6355

Schedule: 7 am, 10:30 am y 6:30 pm

Travel time: 2 hours

Cost: $50 pesos


Via Motul:

Estación de Autobuses del Noreste de Yucatán

Calle 69 con 50, Centro, Mérida.

Tel. 999 924 6355

Schedule: 8 am, 9:30 am, 12:30pm y 6:45 pm

Travel time: 2:30 hrs.

Cost: $50 pesos  


Keep in mind: There are buses leaving from Progreso and Motul.  




Las Tunas Beach Home For Rent

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Hotels: Hotel Gran Marina Kinuh, Hotel Criollo, Mar Inn, Caballito de Mar, Príncipe Negro, The Reef Yucatán.  



Download the map:



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