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San Crisanto

24 july 2017
3 min. de lectura

Only 80 km from the city of Mérida you will find an eco touristic destination like no other in the world, with relaxing beaches, thousands of meters of mangroves and 45 cenotes, 25 of which have been restored. We are talking about the pretty beach town of San Crisanto, where the members of the Ejido de San Crisanto (cooperative) are waiting to welcome you to their home.


The members of the cooperative originally dedicated themselves to the fishing industry, followed by the production of coconut and salt, and in the year 2000 to tourism as well. Because of the damage caused by hurricanes, the cooperative had to recover all parts of the ecosystem that were harmed. This is how they began the rehab of the mangroves channels and the restoration of the cenotes.


Today you can enjoy a lovely day in the Yucatecan “Venice,” where you will float through the mangroves with your gondolier, observing the flora and fauna and of course refreshing yourself in the cenotes. You can take this tour in the morning ($60 pesos) and at night ($120 pesos). They can also take you to the beach area, so your tour will be more complete.


Something that we are sure you will love is the tour at the salt mine ($550 pesos). As I had mentioned before, the cooperative is also dedicated to salt production, so you can learn more about it and walk along the mangrove. Open your eyes and see the fauna beside you!


The ideal thing when you visit San Crisanto is to stay overnight. Thanks to the cooperative’s hard work, you can stay in their ecological houses, which you can book in the center of town, at the same place where you reserved your tours. If you are thinking of going during the summer holidays, remember that during the first week of August you can enjoy the Coconut Festival, a classic in the area. So if you are a coconut lover, you can’t miss it!



More information:
Tel. Mérida (999) 926 0236
Tel. San Crisanto (921) 105 3710

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