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Parque de las Américas

31 may 2023
3 min. de lectura
Parque-de-las-Américas-fuente-cerca-by-Juan-Manuel-Mier-y-TeránThe Parque de las Américas, perhaps the most beautiful in Mérida, is located on Avenida Colón, just a 10-minute walk from the Fiesta Americana and Hyatt hotels. It covers 4 full blocks within the García Ginerés neighborhood and is one of the recreational places preferred by Merida families. You can get there by taxi, Turibus or walking.

It was built during the government of Ernesto Novelo Torres, starting in 1943 and concluding in 1945. It is divided into four different environments so that you can do the activities that you like the most: cinema, reading, outdoor exercise, enjoying with the family, with your dog, do homework or work (it has free wireless Internet). The best thing, you will always find stalls selling corn, marquesitas and much more.


The first section

It consists of a monumental fountain in the shape of a hemicycle with neo-Mayan architectural inspiration; It has seven serpentine columns representing Kukulkan. There you can see the birds that come to drink water or simply sit and “take some fresh air,” as the people of Merida usually do.



The second section

The José Martí Cultural Center represents a Puuc-style Mayan hut, with the figures of the pheasant and the deer, iconic animals of Yucatan, standing out in front. The central part is an exhibition room with murals of the American continent and portraits of Bolívar, San Martín, José Martí, Sucre, Hidalgo, Morelos and Washington, made by the painter Bolaños Gallardo. Every month visual art from local, national and foreign artists is exhibited, so you will always find something attractive during your visit. A library is also located there, open from 9 am to 4 pm, with a specialized section of art books and videos.

You can't miss the children's reading room, a space adapted for you to go with your children to read and enjoy a pleasant family moment. But if what you like are movies, two Tuesdays a month starting at 8 pm the cinema forum is held, where you can enjoy a movie and comment on it. It is a very successful forum among young people who love cinema. If you are looking to read outdoors, there are also reading benches. I recommend spending an afternoon under the shade of the beautiful and huge trees. Don't forget to check out the columns dedicated to all the nations of the Americas. You can also admire two sculptures from Chac Mool, like the one in Chichén Itzá, steles carved in stone with Mayan figures.



The third section

It is known as an acoustic shell and is an open-air theater with a large esplanade. Its design and decoration refer to the complex of a thousand columns in Chichén Itzá. On Sundays there are always recreational and cultural activities such as plays and dances, since the park is one of the venues for “Mérida on Sunday” and the surrounding streets are closed to traffic.



The fourth section

It is the playground with games, a track for skates, bicycles and strollers, where you can rent your own. For the safety of children, it is fenced. It is very attractive because you will find mini traffic lights, your little ones will surely love it.

Be sure to visit it and tell us what you liked the most!
Park of the Americas
Av. Colón x 18 and 22, Colonia García Ginéres
Andrea Medina

Author: Andrea Medina

Born in Mérida and raised in the heart of the Peninsula, I consider myself a “yucaterca.” My childhood – without electronics, surrounded by nature and indigenous communities – made me sensible towards real, simple, genuine things and people. At age 7, I started a radio show with the XEPET “The Voice of the Maya” which allowed my imagination and creativity to develop and become my favorite space.

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