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Mérida’s Markets

05 september 2018
5 min. de lectura


In Mérida, “mercados” are places where you can get together to enjoy delicious, freshly made meals. These places, where the noise, the food, and the colors are a fundamental part of the atmosphere they offer, are a daily haven for the hungry Yucatecan. So if you are far from home with a hunger you can’t control, here we’ll tell you what kind of dishes you can find in the markets located all over the city, and the specific places where you’ll get the magnificent, homemade Yucatecan food.





Mercado Lucas de Gálvez

In the Lucas de Gálvez market, at the “Lonchería Cancún,” every morning you can find a great variety of meals to start your day full of energy. One of their distinctive dishes is the “Mega Empanada;” it can be filled with cheese or ground beef and is served with its tasty red sauce and optional picked cabbage with a dash of habanero chile. All of this at a very affordable price, don’t wait any longer to try it.


  • Calle 56-A x 65 y 67, Centro
  • (999) 950 0313
  • Every day 5:30 am – 6 pm




Mercado San Benito

Located in the open area of the San Benito market, the taquería “El Quimbombito y la Turquita” is the ideal place to enjoy a great variety of Yucatecan dishes every day. The “tamal colado” is a typical dish served here. Don’t miss it fresh out of the pot, served over a banana leaf and bathed generously with the delicious and traditionally Yucatecan red sauce. Enjoy the crowd, the music, and the local ambience, in this cheerful taquería waiting for you at the San Benito market.


  • Exterior esplanade, Calle 54 x 67 y 69, Centro
  • (999) 906 82 37
  • Monday – Saturday 7:30 am – 6 pm, Sunday 7:30 am – 3 pm




Mercado de Santa Ana

Inside of the Santa Ana market there are various stands in which you will be able to satisfy your hunger with 100% Yucatecan food. At “Cocina Mary” you can enjoy a dinner of “panuchos” served with “cochinita,” “lechón,” or “queso relleno,” accompanied by a delicious turkey broth and tostadas. Come and enjoy the afternoon breeze in front of the park while you enjoy a purely Yucatecan feast. Remember to arrive early! This is one of the busiest markets in Mérida.


  • Calle 47 x 58 y 60, Centro
  • Every day: 7 am – 2 pm / 5 pm – 12 am
  • Holiday season: 7 am – 12 am




Mercado de Chen Bech

At the Chen Bech (“bird’s nest”) market, every morning the staff invite you to sit down and enjoy all the food they have to offer. At lonchería “Las Conchitas” you can indulge in a half order of “relleno negro,” cooked with delicious turkey meat and hard boiled egg; with a side of tortillas or bread, according to your taste. You’ll find at this cozy market all kinds of typical Yucatecan food. Head to this lively neighborhood on the east side of Centro, and check it out!


  • Local #2, Calle 57 x 42, Centro
  • Every day 6:30 am – 1 pm





Mercado de Santiago

The Santos Degollado market, located in the Santiago neighborhood, is known for the “Mondongo Kabic,” a special dish from “Lonchería Mary”. This delicious plate is made out of beef tripe, and served with spring onion, habanero chile, tortillas, and lime. Spoil your taste buds every morning, while enjoying the friendly atmosphere that this traditional Mérida “barrio” has to offer. Colonial houses, local people, fresh air, and delicious food await you in one of the most beloved markets of the city.


  • Local #15, Calle 57 x 70, Centro
  • Monday – Saturday 8 am – 12 pm




Mercado de Chuburná

Whenever you can, head to the Chuburná market on a Sunday. The atmosphere, the good food, and the good company all adds up to a great experience. Go to the “Taquería Coralito”, where you’ll find a great variety of Yucatecan dishes. Try “polcanes,” “panuchos,” “salbutes,” and tortas; all very characteristic dishes of this taquería located in the recently remodeled food court at the Chuburná market. There are two sets of hours, so you can always find a place.


  • Local 18, Calle 20-A x 19 y 21-A, Col. Chuburná de Hidalgo
  • Every day 6 am – 1 pm / 7 pm – 12 am





Mercado de la Alemán

Every morning the market at Colonia Alemán wakes up with a huge variety of food you can enjoy for breakfast, Mexican style. Along Calle 24 in this neighborhood, the taquería “La Higiénica” puts some delicious “chicharrón en salsa verde” tacos on your table, served with double tortilla so you’ll be more than satisfied. This delicious dish can also come as a torta or however you like it. Give it a try, and as I did, you’ll fall in love with the taste.


  • Remigio Aguilar Sosa x 24, Col. Alemán
  • Every day 6 am – 4 pm


Photos by Yucatán Today and  Claudia Améndola  for Yucatán Today’s use


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