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Mérida International Airport

09 december 2022
4 min. de lectura

Merida International Airport Code -MID


Carretera Mérida a Uman Km 14.5

Mérida, Yucatán

Tel: 999 940 6090

Website: www.asur.com.mx  



Airlines operating in Mérida



(55) 5133 4000

WhatsApp: +52 1 55 5133 4000




American Airlines

Tel: 55 5209 1400

Tel: 800 904 6000





Tel: 800 322 5050




Tel: (55) 5678 1000




United Airlines

Tel:  55 5283 5500





Tel: 81 8215 0150





Tel:  55 1102 8000





Tel: 001 855 269 2979


“Va y Ven” Airport Route

The “Va y Ven” airport route can be used with a smart card, with a general cost of $45 pesos. However, as with all their other routes, they also apply the social fare of $12 pesos for students and seniors, people with disabilities travel for free as long as they present the card.


In case you don’t have the card, only the general cost of $45 pesos applies. Tickets must be purchased at the ADO counters located at the airport, Paseo 60, and ADO Terminal Mérida Centro Histórico (Calle 69).


The stops are located at: ADO Terminal on Calle 69 #554, Santa Lucía Park, Paseo 60, Fiesta Americana Hotel, and the International Congress Center.



Official taxi fares from Mérida airport

Here you can find various transport sites with which you can transport yourself to your destination, the companies that we can find are: Flex Shuttle, Taxi Mérida Airport and Taxi ADO. They offer us a wide variety of prices and destinations from which we can choose.


Primer main square: by car from $230 pesos to $290 pesos, by van from $350 pesos to $430 pesos.

Around main square: by car from $250 pesos to $310 pesos, by van around  $455 pesos.

Neighborhoods: by car from $290 pesos to $330 pesos, by van from $440 pesos to $500 pesos.

Dzityá and La Isla: by car from $400 pesos to $460 pesos, by van from $540 pesos to $660 pesos.

Progreso: From $750 pesos to $850 pesos.

Chelem: From $950 pesos to $1,200 pesos.

Telchac Puerto: From $1,400 pesos to $1,600 pesos.

Celestún: Transportation costo goes from $1,400 pesos to $1,600 pesos.

Uxmal: From $1,250 pesos to $1,400 pesos.

Chichén Itzá: From $2,200 pesos to $2,500 pesos.


Mérida Airport Parking

  • $45 pesos per hour / and then $15 pesos per 20 minute increment
  • $270 pesos 24 hrs. (charged after 6 hours at hourly rate)
  • Parking tel: (999) 940 6090 ext. 22132
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