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Maya Legend: The Dove

13 november 2020
2 min. de lectura
PalomaOnce upon a time, there was a brave and handsome warrior, who loved hunting and frequently traveled the woods looking for animals.
On one of his hunting trips, he arrived at a lake, and with amazement, he saw a beautiful woman paddling a canoe.

The warrior fell in love immediately and often returned to the same spot to look for her, but it was useless: all he saw was the sparkling waters of the lake. So he asked a witch for help, and she said:  


“You will never see her again, unless you agree to be turned into a dove.”        

“I only want to see her again!” he replied. “If you become a dove, you will never recover your human form.”  

“I only want to see her again!” “If that is what you wish, it shall be done.”  


The witch inserted a thorn into his neck, and then he was transformed into a dove. He immediately took flight and flew to the lake, paused on a branch, and soon he saw the beautiful woman. Unable to contain himself, he threw himself at her feet and began to coo.  


The woman took him into her hands and began to caress him, and in so doing, she removed the thorn from his neck. She should not have done this, for the bird immediately inclined his head and died.  


Seeing this, the woman, in despair, inserted the same thorn into her own neck, and immediately turned into a dove. And ever since that day, she cries over the death of her handsome warrior dove.    

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