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“The Basics” of Yucatán

05 february 2020
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“The Basics” of Yucatán

Whether you are a traveler who plans each day of your vacation in advance, or you prefer to be more spontaneous, there are some things that you simply cannot miss seeing or doing during your visit to Yucatan.

Those who want to see and experience the most representative of Yucatán focus on these 5 important points. Put them in the order that makes you happiest:

  1. Colonial cities like Mérida, Valladolid or Izamal.
  2. Estates
  3. Cenotes
  4. Archaeological sites
  5. Gastronomy


The capital of Yucatán, with 828,000 inhabitants (2010 count) is the cosmopolitan central point of the state. Museums, galleries, restaurants, music, dancing, architecture, shopping... it's all here. Take a tour with Carnavalito or the Turibus.



Colonial cities and Mayan towns

To see and meet the real Yucatecan people, visit some of the state's colonial cities, Mayan towns and magical towns: Izamal, Valladolid, Ticul, Muna and more. Or better yet, visit when there is a special celebration or festival, to be part of an event you will never forget. The guilds in each town are true festivals of color, music and tradition.




The site of Chichén Itzá is known throughout the world, but that is only the beginning. The Mayans left many cities with buildings, pyramids and temples, many of which continue to be discovered every day. Like the pyramids of Egypt or Machu Picchu in Peru, a visit to Yucatán would not be complete without seeing the remains of this incredible civilization. Don't miss the Puuc Route, it is the most complete for a day trip. And don't forget the video mappings. 




There are haciendas throughout Mexico, testimony to an earlier time when landowners lived in lavish splendor, surrounded by acres of harvest, and with the staff who worked those lands. In Yucatán, the harvest product was henequen and the legacy is immense. Today haciendas range from restored boutique hotels and museums to henequen producing facilities. No two are alike and their elegant splendor has to be seen to be believed. Visit Sotuta de Peón, a complete tour of a living hacienda.




You are sure to try many Yucatecan gastronomic delights, including panuchos, lime soup, and poc chuc. But if you only had time for ONE meal in Yucatán, it would have to be Cochinita Pibil: pork roasted in a pibil, marinated in achiote and sour orange. Served with red onions and warm tortillas, you'll see it on every Yucatecan cuisine menu, from the market to sophisticated restaurants and haciendas. If you want to go a step further, you can take specialized Yucatecan cooking classes at Ya'axche.




The geographical composition of Yucatán, located on a limestone platform with underground water courses, creates a unique and unmatched phenomenon: cenotes… thousands of them! Some of these sacred Mayan sites are open to the public for swimming and diving. Swimming in its crystal clear waters with small fish around you, dragonflies flying over the surface of the water and birds singing in the trees, you will feel transported back in time.    




The Gulf of Mexico has beaches of all sizes and shapes... with the exception of one: there are no huge hotels like those in the Riviera Maya, and this perfectly satisfies the Yucatecan people. The largest coastal community, Progreso, has 54,000 residents, and the others are mostly fishing towns with spacious beaches and plenty of fresh seafood. What could be better than enjoying grilled or fried fish and a cold beer on the beach under a palapa to the rhythm of the waves… heavenly!




The coasts of Yucatán are home to several colonies of flamingos, and hundreds of other species of birds. Visit Celestún or Río Lagartos and take a boat tour to see these magnificent bird colonies inside the mangroves… a unique event that you will remember forever.

There is much, much more... that's why he who tries, repeats... we are sure you will visit us several times.




Península de Yucatán 
Ruta Puuc
Ruta de los Conventos
- Mérida
- Chichén Itzá
- Uxmal
- Progreso
 - Celestún
- Izamal
- Valladolid
Alicia Navarrete

Author: Alicia Navarrete

Communicologist born circumstantially in México City, but who says “uay” since 1985. Life has allowed me to see the world, which in turn has allowed me to discover how much I love the place where I live

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