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Hunucmá, Gateway to Nature and Architecture

03 september 2018
6 min. de lectura

Mercado de Artesanías[/caption] Hunucmá, a picturesque town located on the way to Sisal, welcomes you with architectural and natural surprises that will give you a peaceful and memorable travel experience.

Upon arriving at the Centro, the first thing that catches your attention is a blue and white Neomaya style building that houses the municipal administrative offices. Its entrances are adorned with a series of arches reminiscent of the architectural constructions of the Puuc Route, and its beautiful pasta floors with geometric shapes and compositions are worth photographing.

Hunucmá is a word of Mayan origin that in Spanish means "only answered". Located just 40 minutes from Mérida, it is a town worth visiting if you are looking to learn about the actual Maya culture. It has access to one of the most beautiful ports on the Yucatecan coast, Sisal, as well as ecotourism and archaeoastronomy options. As in most towns in Yucatan, the main park has a kiosk, green areas and "you and me" style chairs. On one side, the main church and former convent dedicated to San Francisco de Asis stands out in contrasting yellow. Built in the XVI century, its atrium is a meeting place for the locals. On the same street are the bus and van stops for public transportation from Mérida to Hunucmá ($18 pesos) and from Hunucmá to Sisal ($16 pesos).


Another architectural attraction is the entrance to the "Eulogio Rosado" handicrafts market. With a yellow façade and red interior, its two-color mosaic floor stands out and transports you to past times.  A few blocks ahead you can visit the colorful municipal market "Nuestra Sra. de Guadalupe" that has been extended with stalls in the streets, where you can find food, vegetables, and more.



Something very peculiar is the way of transportation within the town, in tricycle cabs! Some have colorful canvas roofs, comfortable seats and even music on loudspeakers. For only $7 pesos per trip they can take you, for example, to visit the cenote "El Pocito" or to the artisan shoe factories, since this city is also known for its vocation for making men's and women's sandals, in leather, fur and henequen fiber.

The cenote "El Pocito" or "Sergio's" (owner of the house where it is located) is a closed cenote, you can access it by going down a few meters by a staircase. Inside the water is low and so transparent that you can see the fish that grow there. For $20 pesos you can freshen up and change in Sergio's house, who kindly offers you all the facilities you need.



As for footwear, Moisés Poot's store and factory, "Nicté-Ha", stands out. Together with his wife and family, both in wheelchairs, he makes bags and shoes for men and women in bright colors using henequen fiber in modern designs. 

Ten minutes on the way to Ucú is the Hostería & Ecoturismo Sihunchén park, with lodging, pool and food services as well as guided activities for groups under the guidance of a certified professional, José Alberto Mézquita, who specializes in bird watching. You can also visit the archaeological site where you can observe the movement of the sun during the year and tours to Sisal, among others.

FB: Hostería & Ecoturismo Sihunchén

Transportation: Buses departing from San Juan park in Mérida, $18 pesos Mérida-Hunucmá.  

Violeta H. Cantarell

Author: Violeta H. Cantarell

“Meridana,” traveler, animal lover, passionate reader, commentator, and enthusiastic promoter of the natural and human beauty of Yucatán.

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