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Dr. Javier Cámara Patrón

10 february 2020
2 min. de lectura
javier-camara-pacienteTreatments that are humane, logical and efficient, and offered by a team of 12 dentists are the key ingredients to the success behind Dr. Javier Cámara Patrón and his three dental clinics.

Dr. Javier, as many people affectionately call him, knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a dentist. Coming from a family of doctors and dentists that goes back five generations, medicine is in his genes. Javier’s maternal grandfather was the Rector of the Dental College and his paternal grandfather was the Rector of the Medical College when his parents married.


Dr. Javier went to University of Yucatán Dental School for his basic degree, then to The Castle Dental Center in Houston from 1980 – 1987 for a degree in dental prosthetics.  He has also taken additional degrees in TMJ, maxillary orthopedics, and orthodontics.


Dr. Javier has associated with 11 other dentists so that they can offer complete dental services to their patients. The team includes a maxi facial surgeon, a rehabilitation dentist, an orthodontist, a root canal specialist, a pediatric orthodontist, and a periodontal dentist. The team is rounded out with six general dentists.


For most people, a trip to the dentist is on the list of least favorite things to do in life. Dr. Javier and his team emit peace and tranquility – there is a relaxed atmosphere in the clinics. This relaxed atmosphere is part of the humane treatment that Dr. Javier insists on. He and the team treat their patients as they want to be treated when they go to the doctor. They also believe in doing things logically – start with the biggest problem, solve that and continue working till the patient’s mouth is healthy. Being efficient is also an important factor. By being efficient, they reduce the number of visits each patient must make, thus saving their patients both time and money.


Being the kind, humane person that he is, it is only normal that he and the team are involved in community service. Working with María José Medina in the program “Compartimos” (We Share) Dr. Javier and his team donated and set up dental care in the village of Xualtez (near Buctzotz).


With three offices located in various points of the city, it is easy and convenient for his clients to reach him. He has offices in García Ginerés (the original office), Altabrisa (across from the Star Medica hospital) and in Fransisco Montejo.


For more information check out www.yucatan-dentist.com

Or call: García Ginerés (999) 925 3399, Altabrisa (999) 167 9444 (English spoken), Frac. Francisco Montejo (999) 946 6444.


Click here to read more from one of Dr. Camara's happy customers.  

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