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Come see what Chicxulub Puerto has to offer

22 may 2015
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The community of Chicxulub Puerto has a history of more than 450 years and began as part of the territory of the chiefdom of Nakuk Pech.  Currently its municipal seat is Progreso which was founded 130 years ago with the goal of having a commercial port that was closer to the capital city of Mérida than the port of Sisal.


This coastal town is located eight km (five miles) east of the port of Progreso, and 65 km (40 miles) north-northeast of the city of Mérida. It has about 5000 inhabitants whose main activities are fishing, trade, and tourism.


Chicxulub Puerto is famous for being the epicenter of the crater of the same name, which was caused by the impact of a meteorite that collided with Earth about 65 million years ago. The crater, dating from the Late Cretaceous Period,  is about 180 kilometers in diameter.


No, unfortunately you cannot see any evidence of the crater! But there is a wonderful display at the Parque Científico in Sierra Papacal, 30 minutes away by car; from the Progreso-Mérida highway take the exit to Sierra Papacal/Kikteil.


In 1663, Chicxulub Puerto was defending the north coast from the incursion of pirates during the government of Don Juan Francisco de la Rosa Esquivel.  Later, it gained notoriety as a sabotage port during World War II.


This port has long been a favorite of vacationers (both local and foreigners) as it has a wide stretch of beach where a variety of marine species and birds can be seen, from the early morning hours.


The beachfront is well developed with modern condominium complexes and houses. These beachfront properties are summer homes for Meridanos and are often available as vacation rentals. Keep in mind that during Easter (Semana Santa) and the months of July and August, the homes are used by their owners and generally not available for rent.


There are services available in Chicxulub, including small supermarkets, restaurants, and pharmacies, a “mercado” for fresh fruits and vegetables, and bakeries to buy your fresh baguettes. There is a very good public bus and van service between Chicxulub and Progreso, where there is frequent bus service to downtown Mérida. Chicxulub is a good place to use as a base for exploring the area.  You are close to Mérida, haciendas, Maya ruins and the ADO bus service for transportation all over the peninsula.


At the beach there is a season of winter “norte” storms that can make the beach harsh and cool, but this is the time to take tours, visit Mérida, and do your early morning shell collecting.


For longer staying visitors, there are many volunteer opportunities in the village as well as games of bridge and euchre if you are so inclined.


Here is a short list of some of the activities you can do while here: beachcombing, which is especially good in the winter months, bird-watching, exploring, cycling, fishing, horseback riding, jet-skiing, sailing, sightseeing, swimming, walking, water skiing and wind and kite surfing.


This coastal town is located eight km (five miles) east of the port of Progreso, and 65 km (40 miles) north-northeast of the city of Mérida.

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