Editor’s note. the following is a list of car rental agencies located in Mérida, Yucatán. While we cannot guarantee that your car rental experience will be flawless, we do know these companies and they all have a good reputation. We have had negative reports about Hertz in Mérida. We do not have any personal knowledge of car rental companies in Cancun, and caution the reader when making car rental arrangements there, as there are several scams. At the bottom of this list is a reader’s story about her experience with a Cancun car rental company.

Av. Aviación 86B #843 L-.3, Tel. (999) 946 2822 and (999) 946 0702
Hotel Fiesta Americana L.-2, Tel. ( 999) 920 1908
Toll-free: 01 (800) 849 8001
Web: www.alamo.com.mx

Ave. Colón #501 x 60 y 62, Centro
Tel. (999) 920 3547
Tel. 01 (800) 120 0355
Web: www.arrent.mx
Email: [email protected]

Calle 74 #144 x 27 y 29, Progreso
Tel. (999) 242 7463
Email: [email protected]

Calle 60 x 55 y 57 Centro
Tel: (999) 930 9021
Web: www.easywayrentacar-yucatan.com

ECORENT – Bikes and Cars
Tel:(999) 920 2772, (999) 925 9047
Web: www.ecoyuc.com

Airport Tel: (999) 946 4900
Hotel Fiesta Americana
 Tel: (999) 925 3548
Toll-free: 01 800 201 2084

Fiesta Americana Hotel: Tel. (999) 925 4667
Progreso: Cel. 9993 01 99 26

Calle 57-A x 58 y 60
, Centro (in the Callejón del Congreso)
Tel: (999) 923 3637
Cel: 9991 27 85 56
Web: www.mexico-rent-acar.com

Av. Paseo de Montejo x 41 y 43, Centro, Tel: (999) 923 9316

Hotel Fiesta Americana Tel: (999) 920 7722
Calle 60 x 55 y 57, Centro Tel: (999) 923 2493

Calle 60 No. 459 x 51 y 53, Centro
Cel: 9991 03 23 55

Tel. (999) 923 1927

Calle 58 No. 413 Local 3 x 41 y 43, Centro
Tel: (999) 166 1901
Cel: 9991 38 87 33
Email:[email protected]

VELOZ Rent a Car
Calle 60 # 486
 x 55 y 57, Centro
Tel: (999) 928 0373
Toll-free: 01 (800) 712 1375
Web: www.velozrentacar.com

Carretera Mérida-Progreso km. 9.3, Temozón Norte
Tel: (999) 316 5666, (999) 924 7982

Calle 25 x 80 y 82
Progreso, Yucatán
Tel: (969) 935 7440
Fiesta Americana
Mérida, Yucatán
Tel: (999) 920 0775
Cel. 9999 49 13 52
Email:  [email protected]

Tel. (999) 949 3032
Whatsapp 9999 50 22 90
[email protected]

Motorcycle rental in Cancun: http://www.cancun-discounts.com/cancun-harley-motorcycle-rentals.htm

A car rental cautionary tale from a Montreal reader

Many Yucatan bound snowbirds rent cars on arrival at Cancun airport. Usually, better deals are available on the internet and pre-booking saves significant money, time, and hassle at the airport.

However, clients need to keep their eyes open for certain scams, and avoid many of the plethora of car rental brokers that have sprung up on the Internet in recent years.  One such set up is www.economybookings.com  (also known as www.economybooking.com)  who, with their local partner Fox Rentacar, Cancun, fleeced us on a recent trip to the region.  In hindsight, we made several mistakes, and we tell our story here so that others can avoid these fraudsters.

The first mistake we made was to prepay in October 2014 our rental vehicle for December 2014 – a small SUV for three weeks – which we rented for $1500 CAD.  The Economy Bookings site assured us that all local taxes, and third party liability was included in this rate.  As our visa card covers the CDW insurance, this seemed a good deal to us, so we booked and paid.  ERROR:  never pre pay more than a 10% deposit before arriving at the rental desk.

On arrival at the desk of Fox Rentacar, they insisted that the rate we had paid did not include third party insurance, nor VAT nor airport taxes and charged us an extra $700 CAD.  ($25 USD extra daily in third party liability, VAT and airport tax.)  You may well wonder why we didn’t tell them to stuff it there and then, but we had prepaid the car, so were stuck with it, and we were travelling to Telchac Puerto with our 55 lb dog in a dog crate, so we didn’t have too many other options.  We left them a guarantee voucher of $1200 USD in case of loss or theft of the vehicle, a Hyundai 135.

When we pointed out to Fox that our reservation voucher said that third party liability and local taxes were included, they said that Economy Bookings had misled us, and we had only paid a base rate of the insurance.  Seeing we would get nowhere with Fox Rentacar, we launched a formal complaint with Economy Bookings.  We were attended by Andrei, who we think was writing from Latvia, and who seemed courteous enough.  Andrei told us that he had launched a “deep investigation”  of what had happened.

The conclusion of the “deep investigation” was somewhat surreal:  Fox told Economy Bookings that we were charged extra insurance to avoid leaving a $100,000 USD deposit (yes, one hundred thousand US dollars) for the vehicle…  Of course, Fox never asked for such a huge deposit, but rather the standard $1200 USD deposit which was refunded at the end.

When we protested to Economy Bookings that this was ludicrous, and no rental company would ever ask for such a deposit (as Fox didn’t), Andrei went suddenly silent and we concluded that the deep investigation had come to an end

Of course, having rented several times before, we should have known better.  But this experience will serve to make us more vigilant in the future.  We were unable to conclude who were the greatest villains in this story: Economy Bookings or Fox Rentacar – in fact, they seemed to be complicit partners in this scam.  But we were certainly the biggest suckers in the tale, and it definitely won’t happen to us again.