Yucatecan wealth

Published Thursday, september 15 2022
No. #417




Your September issue of Yucatán Today brings you several options to go back to the true origins of Yucatecan food and its meticulous preparation, whether over an open fire or underground. Discover where (and how lovingly and painstakingly) our most traditional flavors come from, and let yourself be amazed by actually learning how to make them yourself, at home, even. We’re also taking you to Xocén, a wonderful village that maintains a very close connection to its Maya roots, and we tell you how the state’s urban artists identify with theirs. The heart of this edition is rediscovering (or discovering for the first time, if that’s your situation) the most authentic side of Yucatán; the discreet, quiet side, the one that’s in danger of becoming smaller and smaller, or even disappearing if we don’t give it the space it’s entitled to. It’s there, in that side and in those details, that the magic of Yucatán lies. We’ll help you get there!

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