Tunich Craft Fair

Published Saturday, july 15 2017
No. #355




“Sometimes just being on a beach with my loved ones is all the adventure I need.” Guy Laliberté I grew up in Huntington Beach, in southern California, in the 1960s. My childhood is filled with happy memories of swimming in the sea, eating cherry-flavored snow cones, watching the surfers, and getting drowsy in the sun. It was the best time of the year. As Guy Laliberté writes a simple day at the beach with family can be very satisfying. Whether you are going on a day trip or moving to the shore for an extended stay, we hope our magazine will be a part of your essential beach kit! On page 5 you will learn about the summer “temporada,” or season. On page 6 we present you with some “beachy” shopping ideas. On page 8 read all about the beach towns on our coast, and pages 34-35 provide you with a list of seafood restaurants. There’s no excuse for boredom this summer! Put your sunscreen on and a copy of Yucatán Today in your bag and enjoy what our state has to offer.

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