Tikin Xiik' Historia Culinaria Maya

Published Friday, september 15 2017
No. #357




“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” Thomas Carlyle I’m inspired by accomplishment this month! There is a sense of pride that runs through this edition. A traditional Yucatecan recipe, our stunning cover photograph, and an award-winning cookbook all come together on page 1. Food lovers won’t want to miss this. This month we are proud to bring you a more contemporary topic: the story of a local technology start-up. Read about Blastbot on page 4. And speaking of contemporary, on page 6 we have some ideas for your “Hipster” shopping. On page 5 you will learn about our beloved local soccer team, Los Venados. One of our advertisers has made his French bakery dream come true. Read all about Escargot Panadería on page 14. And finally, some pride of our very own! The “Colonial Town” article on page 53 about Kinchil was written by Alfredo Tec Alonzo, who works here in the assembly of our magazine. Kinchil is his hometown. Enjoy this month's magazine!

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