Los Faisanes



Chichen Itza Hotel Zone, KM. 120 Free Road 180-Puerto Juárez Chichen Itza, Yucatán, Mexico, Postal Code 97751.



Executive Chef Antonio Caamal learned to prepare ancestral Mayan recipes with his family, but he has a culinary education with more breadth and diversity in his cookbook; especially in seafood dishes, where his culinary stamp is evident.

He lovingly prepares each dish with impeccable attention to detail, bringing together many of the abundant and varied local ingredients, from the hacienda's own organic farm. This farm produces fruits, vegetables, herbs and honey, as well as medicinal plants that they use in their spa. Every day the Chef Baker delights everyone with his exquisite and fresh breads and cakes, which you cannot miss! Something important and unusual in Yucatan, is that the cuisine offered by Los Faisanes are dishes made with fruits, vegetables and fine herbs from their own organic garden; the honey is produced locally and on their own land.

The current kitchen focuses on dishes prepared with a personalized touch and offers recipes for those with allergies, food intolerances, or a dietary regimen that requires special attention. It is a pleasure to serve nutritious and healthy food; fusing traditional Mayan cuisine with other cultures. His kitchen also has young people who belong to the first generation of graduates of the Culinary School of the Sureste (in Valladolid). It is really a pride for Hacienda Chichen to support them in their professional growth.

Do you accept credit card payments? Yes

Do you have tables on the terrace? Yes

Do you have air-conditioned spaces? Yes

Is the facility pet friendly? Yes

Do you have a home delivery service? No

Do you have your own parking lot? Yes

Do you serve alcoholic beverages? No

Do you have vegetarian options? Yes

Do you have a children's area? No

Do you offer specialty coffees, breads and desserts? No

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