58th Street at 55 and 57, Santa Lucía, Mérida.



How do you explain the concept of Colonos to someone who’s not familiar with it? Perhaps as an old-fashioned family restaurant; a place where Yucatecan (extended) families would go for lunch and a nice, long conversation: first over drinks and snacks, and then over traditional food and maybe a nice home-style dessert. It sounds similar to what’s known as a “Botanero” (a place where you order beer and get snacks), but, at Colonos, the atmosphere is much more about the food and the conversation than the drinks and snacks. Any day is good to visit, but Saturdays (and especially Sundays) are your best bet to witness a Yucatecan tradition that still gathers friends and family of all ages. 

Do you accept credit card payments? Yes

Do you have tables on the terrace? No

Do you have air-conditioned spaces? Yes

Is the facility pet friendly? No

Do you have a home delivery service? No

Do you have your own parking lot? No

Do you serve alcoholic beverages? Yes

Do you have vegetarian options? No

Do you have a children's area? No

Do you offer specialty coffees, breads and desserts? No

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