Yucatán's Native Bees

Published Wednesday, march 15 2023
No. #423




In this edition, learn about a group of tiny (pacifist) warriors of biodiversity: bees, and specifically, Yucatán’s native bees. Yucatán has several Melipona bee farms you can visit, where you can see and greet them up close; it’s truly a wonderful experience, and something I wholeheartedly encourage you to do while you’re here. Plus, trying the different flavor notes that each kind of honey has is an outstanding experience for any self-respecting food lover. If you believe that bees, stingless or otherwise, are better off where they are (i.e., far away from you), worry not: we also have plenty of content for you. Find out about the origins of the ubiquitous “Maya calendar” stone you’ll see all over, learn when the best time and place to have Cochinita Pibil is, and take in the sunset over the city from above… Luckily, the days are getting longer, you’ll have time to do it all!

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