Yucatán's Maya Spirit

Published Wednesday, november 15 2023
No. #431




This month, we’re going deep into the heart of the Maya world through a look at some of the traditions and beliefs that are kept alive generation to generation. It’s often hard to see the world through the eyes of people different from us. Sometimes, especially with recent Yucatán arrivals, it isn’t easy to understand why people ask for “permission” before doing certain things in nature, such as going into a cenote, venturing into the woods, or beginning construction on new land. What, to us, is evident and normal may be new and unfamiliar to others. For those of us who make Yucatán Today it’s always a privilege to go out and discover different ways to enjoy the beautiful state we live in. We hope this edition conveys that feeling, and encourages you to see it from more than one perspective, regardless of what your default is.

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