Tunich Craft Fair

Published Thursday, july 15 2021
No. #403




It’s officially summer vacations in Yucatán, and despite the mosquitos, rain, and humidity, our state is looking even more stunning than usual. Last year’s storms were devastating for many local communities that are still recovering, and our roads really take a beating once the season begins. However, staying true to our traditions, we Yucatecos remain optimistic that our weather will be kinder this year. Ready for some summer fun in our state? Ralf takes you to explore some of Mérida’s hidden corners, followed by Natalie’s nod to the early photographer of Chichén Itzá, Laura Gilpin. Olivia retells a full day of adventure in Maní, and shares the details on three cultural venues. Then, read Carlos’ article on Maya surnames and dynasties, followed by Cassie’s social-distancing weekend at the Mayaland Hotel and Bungalows. Also in this edition, Violeta tells you about Tenango embroidery and amber jewelry, and about five local restaurants that have captivated generations of Yucatecans.

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