Tunich Craft Fair

Published Monday, july 15 2019
No. #379




There is something intrinsically nostalgic about summertime. This month Maggie writes about “la temporada,” the very Yucatecan term for the summer season of packing up the whole family, renting a vacation house, and hanging out at the beach. She talks about her memories of the “moloch,” which refers to the big bunch of people - family and friends - who pile in to the summer house and, without realizing they are doing so, contribute to the future memories - and eventual nostalgia - of them all. If only we could store these moments of childhood bliss - and the “moloch” - in a time capsule! Well, that’s why Maggie wrote about it: not only to share something that is very Yucatecan with you, but to inspire you to revisit your own happy childhood memories; and to share them with someone you don’t know, as she has now done with you. Off you go to the seaside, with your copy of Yucatán Today in your beach bag along with all your essentials! Enjoy every moment, and create some future nostalgia!.

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