Tunich Craft Fair

Published Sunday, july 15 2018
No. #367




We are situated in the heart of an ancient civilization whose culture is very much alive...with a vast array of traditions that are a blend of many cultures. Tunich is an annual fair, where the artisans have been working for generations. Read about the quirky way that locals name their stores, restaurants, and boats. A new tradition in Yucatán will make beer fans very happy...microbreweries are popping up here too. Meet Richo Can, a local artist who transforms his mother’s iconic Yucatecan embroidery into paintings. We also share some of the secrets of the Maya herbalists’ healing techniques: treatments and skills handed down from one generation to the next. And for those of you who love the world-famous Yucatecan clothing item for men, the “guayabera,” visit Tekit, where they manufacture this iconic wardrobe staple. The summer beaches are busy! Put a copy of Yucatán Today in your beach bag, grab a seaside table, and order an ice cold beer...from a local micro-brewery, of course.

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