Tunich Craft Fair

Published Friday, july 15 2022
No. #414




Summer is finally here! These long days of sunlight past 7 pm suit us well, as in Yucatán there’s something new to discover. Everywhere you look you’ll see new places, new experiences, new flavors; some are new because they weren’t there before, and some are new because you didn’t know they existed. And you’ll find plenty of both! In this edition we’re bringing you a few ideas and activities that you may be familiar with already, but in a way or from a perspective that (we hope) is much less common. I’m thrilled that we’re sharing them with you, because I love to have Yucatán surprise me over and over again, and very few things bring me more joy than being able to let you in on these discoveries. You don’t need a week (though if you do have a week to take the less beaten path around Yucatán, we’ve got you covered too): one day is enough to step away from the usual and discover a new side to this beautiful state. You can’t do much better than choosing a summer day to do so!

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